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DECORATING ADVICE : What\'s Black and White and Red All Over? A Warmer Room

by:Grade     2020-03-29
Question: My living room is very open with several windows, roof and skylight of the cathedral. It has a black-and-
The white houndstooth sofa, Barcelona chair and a big black piano.
The rest of the decorations are chrome and glass.
The carpet is gray and the walls are graywhite.
The curtains fell. white.
I want to add a little color and warmth to the overall theme. Please help.
Shirley Lee: With your gray carpet, your off-
White walls and black wallsand-
Decorated in white and chrome, I would suggest painting the walls in red.
Black accent-and-
White sofa with sour
The pillows are green and the cushions are white.
Flowers will sparkle your room: perhaps purple, pink, white and red sea anemones placed in a Chrome container.
Use red tape on curtains.
* Q: I need to coordinate three rooms that can be seen from each other.
We just added a family room and I need to determine the best window cover for the Eastern exposure.
The sofa is covered with rust from green, blue, dark beige and cream. The 12-by-13-
The restaurant needs wallpaper.
A curved arch leads to the family room;
A square arch leads to the living room, with a door to the kitchen on the adjacent wall.
The living room is 17-by-
22 feet, beige carpet and two wing chairs covered with Wedgwood blue and beige plaid.
These items must be kept.
I would like to take back this sofa and add new curtain treatments for the picture window and side window.
We like the traditional look of comfort.
Judy leccha: for your family room with arches, paint your walls with rich soft salmon and soft salmon on your dining room ceiling.
For the windows of your new family room, use the soft fabric roller tone
Green, with redheaded brown, cream and blue tape.
The curtains can be rolled up.
If you want to put a wallpaper on your restaurant, choose a green fabric, the spirit of the East, the soft north corner of the blue.
Blue will coordinate with the two wing chairs in the living room that cover the blue and beige checks.
On the living room sofa, taste soft salmon with a light accentcream, soft-blue and deep-green pillows.
For the curtains on the picture window, choose a cream flower fabric and hang it on a brass rod.
Decorate the curtains with cream and white stripes.
Q: I live by the sea. Any ocean-
Inspiration for decoration?
Betsy doonera: the color of the deep sea is swimming towards the decorative scene, and ocean blue is one of the most popular colors.
White, yellow, melon, rust, lavender, pink and beige work well with this new funky hue.
This is a decoration scheme for the ocean blue living room: paint the walls into ocean blue and decorate white.
Hang a string of soft lemon yellow curtains on the window, woven in white, sea blue and rust;
Transparent curtains in white. Cover the pine-
Floor with Oriental carpet with rust, sea blue, soft beige and light pink.
Sofa decoration, choose the pink peony flower pattern of beige, light green, rust, yellow and soft blue on the oceanBlue background.
Decorate a pair of club chairs with ocean blue, yellow and cream beige stripes.
Add some sparks to your room with brass lights, white linen shadows, under lights-pine tables. Those light-
The pine table will make a good contrast to the ocean blue on your wall.
When it comes to pine trees, find an old pine box in front of the sofa.
It should look rustic as if it was uploaded from your grandmother\'s attic.
Do some patching to the chest if necessary, but don\'t make it too shiny.
Put a pine table in the corner and some loose chairs with rust seats.
The seat cushion of the chair should be made of floral print fabric on the sofa.
Decorate the seat cushion in bright yellow, perhaps the same fabric as the curtain.
If you would like to add a suitable attachment to the wall, please select a plant print, made of white linen, and frame with gold leaves.
Plants can be various flowers: Geranium, Golden marig, purple garden, peony, Rose.
The more the better.
Finally, put a tall clock in your room, maybe in an antique clock box.
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