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decorating ideas to take your living room to the next level

by:Grade     2020-01-19
Hougaskill, Houzz contribauoras is the place for you to relax, chat with friends and family and have fun, the living room has to walk between great style and absolute comfort ---
Tasks that are not always so easy.
Whether your living room just needs the final touches to bring everything together or need more help, these decorative ideas can create one that you\'ll be proud to show off and be happy
How to start the decoration project 1. Get the right-size rug.
Comfortable carpet under your feet--
As for the living room carpet, the bigger one is definitely better.
It is ideal that all furniture can be placed on the carpet, but at least the front foot of each major piece of furniture should be placed on the carpet.
If you already have
Small carpet, you can always lay it on a big carpet (less expensive)
Solid color or natural fiber carpet in neutral tone.
Tip: The most standard
Size living room for 8 peopleby-10-
So unless your living room is particularly small, consider buying an 8-by-10 (or larger)
The carpet is very comfortable and looks perfect.
Larger living room (
As shown here)may need a 10-by-
Or a bigger carpet to fill the space. 2.
Customize your shelves.
The walls of the shelves, whether they are customizedbuilt or free-
Station, is useful to make a design statement. Floor-to-
The ceiling shelf is also very effective in a small space, as a large and perfect accessory makes the room look more spacious and tidy than multiple small pieces.
Tip: consider adding a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets so that less attractive items can be hidden (
Like a video game system)
After closing the door
If you\'re using it for free
Stand on the shelf and be sure to anchor it correctly on the wall for safety. 3.
Hang a low pendant
The oversized chandelier has made gratifying changes from the usual combination of floor lamp and flush
Install ceiling fixtures.
Hang the light low on the coffee table and create a warm and joyful conversation area that attracts people to sit down for a while.
Tip: If you want to rearrange your living room furniture a lot,
Hanging chandeliers may not be the best option.
No one wants to hit a random light fixture while trying to cross the room! 5.
Try a new sofa look.
The shape of the sofa determines the tone of the living room.
More advanced, more structured sofas (
Like Chesterfield.
It is usually more formal, and the lower Shigui sofa often gives more laying. back vibe.
Low modular sofa (
As shown here)
Ideal for leisure and can be reconfigured according to activities.
For example, you can face all of them in one direction on a movie night, but have them create multiple conversation areas for a party. 6.
Refresh your old sofa.
Not in a whole
New sofa, you can change the face of your old sofa.
Verify with the manufacturer whether any slip covers have been made for it;
If not, you can hire someone locally to create a custom slider for you.
Or, take a gorgeous textile for a quick change (
Like a wedding blanket in Morocco)
Put it behind the sofa. 7.
Save floor space with sconces.
Actually, what sconces do is not just save Floor space: guide sconces to light up your artwork with candles when you want to create a more comfortable atmosphere during the party8.
Tighten the palette. A well-
A clear color scheme can make your living room look cleaner, more organized and more purposefully designed.
Decide on a background neutral color, a feature color, and a smaller accent tone, and then start working on any items that are not suitable for your choice.
Tip: Take a photo of your living room for a fresh perspective.
When you look at the photos, the color of your living room will be more obvious. 10.
Expand the space with a huge mirror.
Essentially, a large mirror is like adding another window to your room to make your living room feel lighter and more spacious.
Enhance the effect by placing plants or lights in front of the mirror to reflect green and amplify the light. 11.
Remove the focus from the TV.
If you have a nice fireplace in your room, make it the focus.
If your living room is the only space you can place your tablet, place it on the side of the rotating bracket, not above the mantel.
This way, you can still watch the TV comfortably when you want to watch it, but when the TV is not in use, the screen can take a step back from the central stage.
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