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delaney’s z-wave smart lock & camera hub leads the market with new advanced app features and matte black finish

by:Grade     2020-01-03
Homeowners seeking safety, convenience and the latest smart home technology will findto-use Z-
The Wave touch screen Smartlock and camera hub for Delaney hardware exceeded their expectations.
This innovative smart home pairing product is now available online and in some retail stores, showing outstanding quality in the smart lock market, including: fashion design;
Additional camera features Z-Wave hub; the user-
Friendly app, able to add, edit or delete code for up to 20 users;
Sleep mode of sleep smart lock that extends battery life;
Smartlock has four finishes, including a stylish new matte black. The Z-Wave (ZW300)
Touch screen smart lock, easy to install with simple screwdriver, combined with elegant, stylish design and bright back
LED touch screen light. This high-
The security lock solution provides peace of mind for technical users at all levels by providing three access methods (
Code for Smart Home app or key).
The super stylish design has four finishes-new matte black, oil --
Bronze, satin nickel and polished chrome.
New matte black finish on-
With interior designers aligning it with a variety of styles from traditional to modern and farmhouse, this trend has become a trend.
\"The new Delaney Z.
Wave Touch screen Smartlock offers more than just a convenient House, \"explains Catherine Downs, vice president of hardware marketing at Delaney.
\"No matter how technical the user is, this is an attractive device that is easy to operate.
This makes life easier for homeowners-no need to bring keys, so it\'s the perfect choice for busy families.
This is also the perfect choice for vacation rental owners.
They can open the door using a touch screen, an app or a key. ”The Delaney Z-
Wave Camera Bridge Hub acts as a Bridge or gateway between smart home applications and smart home devices, while also providing video recording, taking pictures and providing two features
Audio capability.
While Delaney\'s touch screen smart lock can use any Z-
Take advantage of Delaney\'s Z-Wave, The Wave Plus hub on the market
The Wave Camera Hub provides true compatibility and allows the use of the full Delaney SmartHome application.
The Delaney SmartHome app offers unique features.
Homeowners and resident managers can easily manage access to their houses from anywhere through the app, and they can assign a code to each user and include the start date and due date.
This ability is ideal for a variety of situations, including: permission to visit friends and family;
Supervision of children;
Supervise the elderly in need;
Short-term admission-term renters;
Cleaning personnel, contractors and other personnel are allowed to enter.
The system is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
\"Our Smartlock solution can be connected to thousands of Z-
Wave Plus devices on the market, \"said Libby Zappala, president of Delaney hardware.
\"We chose to integrate Z-
Bring Wave technology into our products because it provides the highest level of encryption and security by running at a higher frequency.
Users can also access their Delaney Smartlock from anywhere in the world, providing ultimate control and security. ”The Delaney Z-
Touch screen smart lock (ZW300)measures 2-5/8 wide, 5-
1/4 \", prices range from $190 to $225.
It includes the following features: Delaney Z-
Wave camera Bridge hub (ZW100)
Up to 8 users can be connected to the video stream at the same time, and can be installed on walls, ceilings, or tables.
The camera records the video during the day or night and it includes a highpower infra-red LED.
Camera hub measuring 2 \"width 4-
3/4 \"high, can be purchased separately or paired with Delaney Smartlock for prices ranging from $460 to $480.
Camera Center function: Delaney Z-
Wave Smartlock and Z-
Wave Camera Bridge Hub can be purchased separately, or combined packages can be purchased at various lumberjacks and retailers across the country, as well as on buildings. com, Wayfair. com, Houzz. com and Amazon. com.
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