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depressed after deaths of parents, younger brother, 4 siblings commit suicide in faridabad

by:Grade     2020-03-20
After the death of his parents and younger brother, the brothers and sisters were depressed and suffered a major economic crisis.
Three sisters and their brothers.
They were found hanging from the ceiling in Faridabad on Saturday morning.
Police recovered a suicide note in which they accused the economy of distress and the recent death of their mother and brother of being the cause of extreme measures.
The deceased has been identified as Meena Mathews (41)
Biana Matthews (40)
, Pradeep Mathews (38)
And Chaya Matthews (39).
Locals say the body was found around 7 a. m. on Saturday. 30 am.
The alarm sounded and when people began to peep at the house on the first floor of the armanan apartment, they realized that all the windows were pulled up and the door was closed.
A cooler is placed next to the window in the living room.
We moved and took a look inside and saw two women hanging from the ceiling fan.
\"One of us rushed to the police station,\" said building administrator Rajkumar.
There are 39 bedrooms in the House-year-
Old Jaya hangs on ceiling fans, while Meena and Beena hang on ceiling fans in the living room.
The body of Pradeep was found in another bedroom with its own entrance.
There are pictures of Jesus Christ in every room.
There was a bed in the living room, which the police claimed was used by the youngest three-bedroom brother who died in September.
Sangju suffered an accident before his death and was unable to stay in bed for about two months.
There is also room for worship in the living room, as well as an attached kitchenette.
The living room also saw photo frames of their parents.
Forensic experts and crime teams were convened on site to collect samples.
With the help of the nylon rope, four bodies were found to have been hanged.
The rope was cut off and all four were sent to PGI Rohtak
\"We found a suicide note from the scene on October 18, in which they wrote that they were deeply saddened by the death of their parents and younger brother,\" said Vishal Kumar, a police officer at the surajkund police station.
Father JJ Mathews died in April and mother Agnes died in July.
Three brothers in bed-
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