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Marilyn bethanymay 1979 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com.
Summer shifts when the prospect of summer is about to become a long and hot reality, the cabin that looks so promising may look grim.
Two typical rental methods are shown here, and they become weekend income worth fighting for almost overnight.
The seasonal run-off is about to begin: every weekend, a large number of New Yorkers give up their slick urban homes and switch to a more accommodating rental villa, which could be a mistake.
Unfortunately, an ordinary, affordable summer rental is not the dream of a decorator;
It is usually filled with furniture that the owner may not have.
Most rent r if they have a choice.
Well, as evidenced by these pages and two Long Island rental facials on the following pages.
Each piece was completed by a young designer for $400.
Rule: in two weeks, shopping can only be done in spare time, and the actual work of putting this place together must be done in one day.
There\'s a lot to do at the North Harbor cottage that Patrick McElwee took over --
This is a wonderful, wooded setting overlooking the Bay of Gardner, walls and advertising. ,112 Duane SI. $52.
49 8 bed pillows.
Woolco, Monta cardswin, No. 25, Bridgehampton.
362 pillowcase. Macy\'s 6.
753 lights on. Vercesi Hard-ware. 152 E. 23 St. 20. 223 vases. Macy\'s 11.
34 pillows. S. Beck-enstein. 130 Orchard St. 37.
702 straw carpet, Azuma 25. 88Poster.
Main St. original posterEasthampton 27.
Pillow on the 00Porch3 bed, Woolco 59.
Muslim, size S. 633Beckenstein 9.
57 pillowcases, Macy\'s department store 3.
93 clamp-on light, Vercesi hard-ware 7.
28 paper lanterns.
Design Research. 53 E. 57 St. 16.
Messi No. 15 1532 glasses
1212 glass trays, candles, 11 Azuma.
There are 85 napkins in Conran. 160 E. 54 5. 40Sheet. Macy s 8.
Woolco $9,64 bed pillows.
Muslim, size S. 636Beckenstein 19.
Umbrella and stand for photographer. Photo Exchange. 1 W. 20 St. 60.
13 clipon light, Vercesi Hardware 3.
Macy\'s 193 pillowcase on the 11 th. 73Total $398.
Susan Wood, the cabin by the Bay.
Advertising designer Patrick McElwee is ready to wrap in fresh mattresses. white canvas.
Strategy of transformation: simplify everything in front of you.
New canvas slip sleeve in living room (right)
Attach safety pins.
Too busy porch (left)
Free from a more logical arrangement of furniture (shown above). Before redo
The living room is a dull pile of furniture.
The floor in good condition, quite good furniture, even if there are too many casual arrangements.
McElwee\'s strategy is: \"First of all, I\'m looking around for places to store obvious losers --
Anything ugly or irrelevant
An empty boat house on the property became a warehouse for several extra tables and \"chairs, more suitable for accommodating more people than this size cabin.
Next, Patrick McElwee arranged the rest.
He put a picture room sofa in the living room. by-
One side against the wall.
Then, in order to lower the mattress and keep them in line with the rest of the furniture in the room, he took off the mattress and stacked the mattress to form an impromptu recliner.
\"When overnight guests pour into the living area (
Page 100 continue)
What is the curtain of the living room painter?
The main shopping center. Sag Harbor $12.
Inez MacWhinnie antiques, 116 North Sea Road, 50 cloak lace, 6 plant prints. Southampton 45.
00 Chinese dish, full of food. 200 Canal St. 3.
25 2-plate brackets. Emporium East. 19 Mott St. 2.
Rennert & Co. , 50 2 Moving worker pads. 93 Greene St. 31.
Tunnel Sta-002 architect light
Tioners, 301 Canal Street33.
There are 96 lampshades, 2 yards of batik, and 12 bloomingalls.
50 wall brush Port art boutique. Main St. . Sag Harbor 2.
Curtains in the restaurant.
Pillows, lace.
Tablecloth for Inez MacWhinnie
Ad Review 77.
003 plant print. 4 plates. Johnny Jupiter.
392 Bleecker St. 27.
00 flat daffodils.
Nursery school Frankfurt
Hampton Road south-ampton 12.
Bedroom curtains, cloak lace.
Crochet pillows.
Inez MacWhinnie antique $42. 00 Teapot. tray, umbrella. Kam ManFood 10. 20Bamboo chair.
Emponum Oriental month. 95Mover\'s pad. Rennert 8 Co. 28.
There are 80 Noguchi lights and 35 Bloomingdale.
There are terracotta warriors in everything.
900 First Avenue 12. 00Total $399.
95 Susan WoodDesigner Tiro Romanello performs the art of rapid change for loose changes by retaining the original furniture (inset right)
But redecorating the house is a classic charm.
After the restaurant: old lace curtains and antique linens on the windows add a hint of romance to the room.
A white metal crib was found in a tool closet with daffodils in it.
It was around the fireplace and added a recliner wrapped in a drop cloth from the painter.
Accessories provide the required warmth. Tim Romanello (above)
A clunky bedroom (top)
By removing the bed frame, box spring and centering mattress in front of the fireplace (top left).
Previous restaurant: The table was close to the window and the room was out of balance.
A pair of awkward benches provide more people with seats than the table can hold.
Advertising Design Room . \"
McElwee, \"you just throw the mattress back on the box spring and make them into a bed.
\"But, turning this place from simple so-so to a really funky touch is to cover the blue flower studio sofa and mattress with clear white canvas, toss on the bed pillows covered with bright color chintz.
\"I just nailed the duck to the couch, but the pillowcase had to be sewn up, so I asked a friend to sew it up for me.
This is something you can get someone to do in exchange for some of their free weekends.
McElwee did nothing to the porch other than leaning his Muslim-covered studio sofa against one end of the wall, making the narrow room look shorter and shorter.
Then he threw a sheet at the table.
However, for the desktop, sir.
McElwee splurge on new things.
\"There is no way to make broken Chinese and jelly glasses look like nothing but frustrating.
So I bought cheap tableware and glasses.
He chose the glass dishes because \"you can use them later at the dinner party in town . \".
In addition, the food is colorful in summer and does not need the help of China.
\"In the bedroom, sir.
McElwee derring‐do makes a decoration.
Instead of pushing the bed cliché, small room arrangement into the corner of the room, he pulled the bed from the end wall and put a hanging card table on its head.
He put the photographer\'s umbrella light next to the table.
\"The light it gives out is soft, diffuse and very flattering.
In addition, the room needs a strong focus.
In the second lease redo at barnharbor, designer Tim Romanello dealt with a range of different issues.
The room in this house is large and has a lot of inherent charm, but without the feeling of decoration, the room does not look attractive and grim.
\"Romance is there: it just has to be painted,\" says Tim Romano . \".
He began to rearrange each room, using its natural focus --
Beautiful old fireplace.
\"At once, the place seems more comfortable and intimate. ”Then, Mr.
Roman Luo moved a recliner in the dining room to the living room and placed it next to the fireplace.
He wrapped it up with the painter\'s drip cloth and tied the end with a huge tat knot.
He built a pair of damaged lucite cubes with a quilting motorcycle mat (
Now, angry sir.
Romano was invented back in 1975)
Then scattered around the pillows covered with knotted batik.
\"Knot is the fastest and easiest way to fix the fabric in place,\" Mr.
In the restaurant, by putting lace curtains on the windows and covering the table with a lovely old cloth, romanlolo, Tim romanlolo adds to the already considerable appeal.
\"In an antique shop nearby, many cheap old linens and lace were found.
I think they are exactly what this House needs.
They bring romance, but they are not old soil.
Advertising in the bedroom is also challenging.
\"The two single beds were pushed into a corner a few miles from the center of the room, however, there were no other possible walls to put them on the wall as the place was an ocean of windows and doors. ” Mr.
Roman Tillo expelled the box spring and bed rack to the attic and arranged the mattress in front of the fireplace.
He then covered them with channel quilting movers pads and piled pillows in the center, covered with knotted white sheets left by the owner.
He decorated the cloak with a roll of brown wrapping paper and hung more old lace on the window.
Take out a short table from the living room and put it by the bed.
With this new arrangement in the bedroom, all movements are concentrated in the middle of the room, leaving the walls completely uncrowded.
\"One of the luxuries of a room of this size, in my opinion, is that you can waste a little space,\" said Tim Romano . \".
Who can ask for a better city life holiday? ■Originally.
The room was small with a bright bedside table and light. top).
Patrick McElwee pulled the bed out of the corner and added a card table that was put together and an over-standard umbrella light (above).
A version of the archive was printed on page SM124 of The New York edition on May 20, 1979, with the title: design.
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