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designing a home theater - introduction

by:Grade     2020-01-01
Why do I write ThisI want to build a family cinema in our holiday apartment because I am very convenient and it is a very comfortable thing I do myself.
This is my first cinema project and I want to make sure I do it right. . .
Do not destroy the bank.
Once everything has been said and done again, I realize that completing this project requires a lot of research in a lot of components.
For someone like me who has never used a surround sound or projector, wondering what might be a bit daunting for you best.
I only wrote one article at first and soon realized that there was too much information to put in an article.
Hope my article will help you to make a choice for your home theater. :)
The first thing.
Before you start any research, you need to know how you will set up your theater.
Of course, the size and shape of the room will provide you with the boundaries you will be working on.
These boundaries will determine how many people you will be sitting in, how many rows of seats you will have, where to install the projector, your maximum screen size and the layout of the speakers.
The room is a long rectangle for my home theater.
I\'m going to put the screen on a low wall, which means that my screen size is limited to the size of the short wall, minus the space for the left and right surround speakers.
I plan a seat for eight.
I plan to take three rows of seats because my room is very long.
The range of seating options is wide and almost unlimited.
The size and shape of your room will occupy a large part of your seat selection, and the other is the level of comfort you want.
Your choice is from a pile of bean bags on the floor to chairs in traditional cinemas, to ultra-comfortable segments, and the only limit is the room space!
We decided to sit in three rows because our room was rectangular.
We wanted a comfortable cinema, so we chose a separate recliner to avoid damaging the view of the back screen, and we chose to set up a row of seats for the second and third rows.
For our seats, we decided on the Genesis electric recliner for Parker\'s living furniture.
We have 3 rows of 10 electric recliners, 3 seats, 3 seats and 4 seats in the back row.
Although all of our chairs are the same, there is no rule that you cannot mix and match.
In fact, if we had to do this again, we might choose a few love seats in the back row instead of four chairs.
UpdateI had problems playing 3D movies with my settings, and during my elimination I purchased a different DVD player, pioneer ub900.
The DVD player is not a problem, this is a defective projector that Epson solved quickly, but the improvement of the pioneer in sound quality is so remarkable that I keep the pioneer.
The pioneer UB900 is more expensive than Samsung, but it seems worth it to me.
Samsung is very good and usually I don\'t change it to a DVD player for more money, but since I already have it, it helps me to make a deal. :)
Standard for choosing Blu-ray for DVD players-
Does Ray player need WiFi, Ultra HD (
In this way, Netflix from this player will have 4 k content)
, And HDR is supported.
The DVD player I chose is Samsung UBD-
K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray-
Because all the Blu-ray players
The Ray player is backwards compatible and will also play 3D movies if it is ultra HD.
I think most of the Ultra HD Blu-ray
The ray player outside is very similar and I have added Blu-ray
Ray player here eliminates speculation. work. This blu-
Ray player works fine and has everything I need to set up.
I use the app on Blu-ray
Ray player for streaming.
I pay for the extra Netflix subscription so I can stream Netflix\'s 4 k content.
As far as lighting is concerned, what I originally thought was that there were LED lights on the edges of each platform step, LED background lights around the projector screen, scones on the wall, and I also considered adding LED lights to the tray ceiling.
After I installed the light on the edge of the platform, the high hat and the background light around the projector screen, I realized that I had enough lighting.
My initial idea was to connect the desk lamp and the background light to the dimmable light switch, respectively.
It turns out that they all use DC current and have a transformer that I didn\'t think of when I bought them, unfortunately.
This means that it is impossible to use dimmer switches because they are DC-
So this is not the same as my plan.
The lights around the projector screen have a remote control where you can set the color and brightness levels.
This is a very good effect, the controller of the lamp remembers what was the last setting.
So I can set the lights to the brightness level and color I want, and the settings stay the same when I turn them on using the light switch.
If I have to do it again, I will not use DC LED lights on the edge of the platform.
Instead, I will install AC LED lights.
So it can be dimmable.
Before looking for the remote control, uptiei installed the infrared repeater, which is a good solution to control the equipment in different physical locations, because almost all the equipment is in the closet next to the theater.
Finally I bought a remote control to solve the problem.
So if you\'re not going to get a full-in-
A remote control with equipment outside the theater.
However, if you want to getin-
A remote control, look at my article on this topic and you don\'t need an IR repeater.
The infrared repeater allows you to move everything that will normally enter the TV console to another location.
As far as I am concerned, I moved everything to the hall closet outside the cinema.
The infrared repeater is not a very expensive device, it provides a lot of amazing factors.
It allows the wall where the projector is located to look clean.
Basically, you put a small receiver above the screen and then connect the wires to where all your electronics are.
In that space you have the repeater and all the IR transmitters.
The repeater will send all the infrared signals it receives to space with your device and send the signals.
Like I said, it\'s great.
Speaker connector-
The Banana plug makes it easier to plug the speaker wires into the amp and I highly recommend you buy some yourself.
I initially thought I didn\'t need them because you could connect the wires to the amp without them.
When I started hooking everything up and ordered these banana plugs quickly, my opinion changed quickly.
They work very well. eating banana plugs is different from not eating banana plugs day and night.
The Banana plug I chose was the Mediabridge Banana plug-Corrosion-
24 K gold-
Now I take out everything I bought to build the theater and I will start putting them together.
There will be three rows of seats to build the platform, making sense for each row to be a little higher than the front.
The difference is significant, and on the raised platform you can see the screen accessibility from all the seats.
The platform is made of 3/4 OSB for flooring and 2x4 s.
Each platform is 9 \"higher than the previous platform \".
When deciding the width of each platform, we must consider the tilt of each chair.
I want to make sure they don\'t interfere with the front and rear seats when the seats are tilted.
It ended up perfectly dividing the space from the door to the back wall into half, each platform 71 3/4 long.
The height and width of the platform is perfect for our rooms and chairs.
Of course, the size will change depending on the size of the seat and space you use.
If my home theater is professionally designed, I\'m sure they will only have two rows of seats.
In this way, the first line is far enough from the screen.
To be honest, even though the picture of the projector we chose is very clear, sitting so close to the screen is not a problem.
In fact, the first row of seats is our favorite place to sit!
From my inspiration, I saw countless pictures of home theater and wanted to know what my wall color and platform floor would look like.
My first thought was to lay the platform carpet with the same color carpet already in the room.
Luckily, I saw this home theater Post.
I love what they choose for their wall color, platform floor and the logo they put at the door of the theater.
Http: If you want to know what the floor is or the color of the wall, I bought the paint and the floor from Lowes.
The floor of the platform is style choice 6-in x 36-
Put on residential vinyl planks.
A tip, if you end up making the platform like I did, drop the vinyl board and make sure to add the plywood before installing the board.
It was not until after I installed the instructions that I noticed that the instructions stated that you should do so.
In some areas, the board needs to do something real to stick to the plywood.
The walls of the paint are the speakers used in the whisky winter flannel eggshellThe paint are the projection of where the whisky Pelican eggshellProjector placementfighting is placed on the ceiling is a bit tricky.
I came across a great website https: it allows you to calculate how far the projector needs to be turned off based on screen size and Projector model.
In my case, based on the 135 \"screen and Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, the projector may be 178 away from the Wall \".
Before punching holes in the ceiling and running electrical equipment, I put the projector on the platform on the ladder to make sure that the 178 \"is correct --it was! :)
Luckily, I can\'t show you what surround sounds like in an article, and I can tell you that it sounds really good.
I can show you what this picture looks like.
Not sure if it\'s a projector or a projector screen or a combination of the two, but whenever a 4 k video from Netflix or Blu-ray is playedray DVD -
The best way to describe it is to breathetaking.
Hear a few photos of the 4 k Netflix video of marine life.
People without lights (
Note that there is still light coming in the window)
The light was on in another room.
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