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dining out; setting is romantic at night

by:Grade     2019-12-29
Patricia brookjan
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We observed that the role of the restaurant during the day and at night could be very different.
This is particularly evident in a relatively new restaurant at Oakdale Lodge in Wallingford.
Its big restaurant is in a rambling White-
The frame building dates back to 1769 and has been a restaurant or pub since 1810.
It is located next door to Oakdale Theater, ensuring the prosperous business of the theater during June --
September season.
The main restaurant looked pale by day.
One\'s eyes are attracted by the composition.
Ceiling, wallpaper-
Covered pillars and thin carpets. But just wait.
In the evening, the hotel became a romantic environment. Soft globe-
The lights of the ceiling illuminate the candlelight, and there is a pink rose in every white place --
The siesta table is accented with napkins of the same color.
At the luncheon, a businessman\'s buffet was filled with roast beef and other options.
In the evening, the dish of hot pot was also taken away.
A cart with tempting freshly made tortes and other delicious desserts appeared --
This is in sharp contrast to several products that the waitress recited at lunch. The chef-
Owner Raymond Trier, a former chef at Copper Beach Hotel and Town Farm Hotel, is a talented and creative chef.
But the hotel on Oakdale\'s menu
Lunch or dinneris more back-to-
Basic than people expected.
There is no such thing as the best dishes and decorations he has made.
Nevertheless, the chef\'s expertise has been shown in several appetizers, most notably the small barrel of imported ham in Oakdale sauce, which is hot and delicious crispy fried noodlesOne hit-
Cream and sunflower mixture).
It is also worth noting that the grilled clam Corsini (
A popular change in the ubiquitous clam Casino)
Bake with juicy garlic Half Shell
Covered with butter. Baked shell-
Less escargots in wine and mushroom sauce.
Roast mushrooms with a rough beer
It turns out that bread crumbs filling is sufficient, if no exception.
The disappointing appetizer is frozen salmon mousse, which is thin and has a clear but hard layer of frozen meat on the top.
The melon slices and the melba toast accompaniment were left out frantically.
The butter prawns, although very tender, are wrapped in a beer batter that is not cooked and soft inside. At $4.
Fifty two shrimps turned out to be a rather expensive appetizer.
There are unstable moments for the main course.
The Filet foie gras steak cannot be improved --
The beef was pink inside, Brown outside, and p had delicious toppings.
Equally appealing is the chicken breast and the pungent tarragon sauce.
The veal medal with rich tomatoes, scallions, artichokes and garlic echo is delicious, but it would be better if it was hot instead of tepid.
Roast pork chops with sweet apples
The almond stuffing was born on the table in the middle and was not cooked even after returning to the oven at one time.
\"Roast boneless beef roll\" is actually a piece of fat beef ribs with very little decoration in Hunter sauce.
Another expert chef, Robert cadenar, offers dessert.
With one exception, the selection of the dessert cart did not miss any beat, from chocolate mousse in puff pastry to the tempting chocolate \"diamond\" pie, to a light and inviting layer of raspberry jam
The lemon Raspberry pie is tasty but has a tough crust.
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Dinner for two was $42. 45.
Note: we are too late for this review, the restaurant upstairs in the hotel was handed over to a private party during our visit and usually special five-
Fixed dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
There is no doubt that this gives chef Trier a chance to shine, but it has to be reviewed later.
V99 Oakdale, old Hartford Turnpike, Wallingford. 265-3698.
Atmosphere: the four restaurants are full of messy White
Its roots go back to the partition house of 1769.
There was little furniture, but there were exquisite candles on the table and pink roses matching the napkins.
The service is generally professional, but sometimes it is very troublesome.
Recommended dishes: imported ham with batter, grilled clams Corsini, duños Rossini, chicken breast with tarragon sauce, kebabs with wine mushroom sauce, chocolate mousse chocolate-raspberry roll.
Time: 11: 30 NoonM. to 2:30 P. M.
Monday to Saturday;
Dinner from 5: 30 to 9: 00 in the eveningM.
From Monday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5: 30 to 10, from 3 to 9 on Sunday;
Sunday brunch from 11: 30 to 2: 30
Advertised price: $4 for lunch main course. 25 to $7. 25.
$9 for dinner entrees. 95 to $15.
Credit card: all major credit cards are accepted.
Booking is recommended.
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A version of this review was printed on page CN11 of the National edition on January 1, 1984 with the title: dining out;
The atmosphere at night is romantic.
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