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diy ladder light fixture

by:Grade     2020-01-23
Dining room lamps can be a statement in any restaurant environment.
While memories and food will be shared on the table, the lamps hanging above will set the tone for the evening.
Make a bold statement on your table with 3 chandelier fixtures.
This will add extra light to the darker rooms while creating an elegant and comfortable space for everyone.
If you visit local boutiques, antique markets, or flea markets a lot, you will often find ladders resting on walls or tent posts.
In addition to the oversized towel rack, you can do other things with an antique ladder and turn it into your light fixture base.
To hang the ladder, I used two heavy swa hooks with a toggle bolt anchor.
Install the toggle bolt anchor correctly as required by the instructor and attach the swag hook.
The next uniform pre
Drill 4 holes, 18 inch from each end of the ladder (
This measurement will vary depending on the size of the ladder).
Installation of wooden eye bolts (lag shanks).
Using a 40 lb black 9 accessory chain rated up to 50 lbs, pass the chain through eye bolts and hang each end on a swa hook on the ceiling.
Use the level to check all planes to ensure that the ladder is suspended horizontally from each direction.
Before you turn on the lights, create your electrical plan to connect them from a light box.
I like to deal with complex areas of the project in my mind and visualize the end result before things get too complicated.
I want to safely introduce the wires using the terminal blocks and create a closed connection point.
The schematic diagram shows the lights connected in parallel and there is a connection point on the junction box.
Use the horizontal gear as the spacing, starting with the middle light.
The light in the middle is actually just hanging on the ladder and not really touching it (
Except for wiring)at all.
This will reduce the load on the ladder and ceiling anchors as well as on the chain.
Hanging the middle chandelier like you usually hang any light, however, you need to create a splicing point on the right side of the top of the light to allow wiring from the ceiling box to run to the wiring terminals.
The remaining chandelier will be hung using a threaded 1/2 bar that goes through the ladder.
The rod is kept in place with the nuts and washers on both sides and the Chandler hook, which is usually used to connect the lower rod or chain, and is now attached to the rod.
Install terminal blocks.
Install the live wire from the ceiling box to the opposite side of the terminal block to reduce line crossing.
Follow your schematic from there.
One thing I added was the exposed original \"Earth\" wire, usually wrapped around the green screw, running along one side of the ladder, wrapped at the bottom of the eye bolt, and bound in place.
From each light I make sure their ground wire is in contact with the ladder ground wire.
After the terminal is connected, connect the output line to each lamp and curl together, it is better to use the docking joint with insulation.
Wing nuts can also be used, but they can be seen from the ground.
The zipper connects the wires from the top of the lamp to the screw bar to get a stylish look and use the cable pegs to pin them down along the wires at the top of the ladder to help hide them.
Guide your inner Clark Griswald and turn on your lights!
Thanks, Craftsman Drivewww. craftsmandrive.
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