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dos and don’ts of styling your living room | the times of india

by:Grade     2020-08-03
01/10 precautions for designing the living room taking into account the unstable schedule handled by family members, the living room should be the most important area of your house, especially so that all members can sit together, have some good time together.
This family room should be beautiful but is actually a living space designed for the whole family.
Design it in a luxurious way that fully restores the senses.
Before you decorate this room in your house, you must remember these points.
Use these tips to make the most of your living space!
02/10 Dos: seating includes two or three different seating plans-
Includes a large segmented sofa with clean and elegant lines under complex shadows.
03/10 Dos: floor curtains-
The ceiling curtains in neutral tones add to the luxury quotient.
04/10 Dos: statement pieceA statement pieceAn oversized artwork, crystal chandelier, and even sofa in the eyes
The color of the coveted place in the room can be the presentation part.
05/10 Dos: color-coded neutral palate works best in color.
The different shades of slate gray, tan or chalk colors and the monochrome color added to the color accent also help a lot.
06/10 Dos: Show stop show stop accessories is your Show stop accessories!
So think about the big mirror, the tropical style wallpaper and the color blocking wall, or the spectacular copper chandelier hanging on the side table.
07/10 don\'t: keep tech detox because it encourages high quality home time, so it\'s a good idea to keep tech out of the home room.
08/10 do not: keep delicate pieces to avoid large ceramic pieces, antiques or mirror cabinets as they easily break up with toddlers and furry friends at home.
UPDATE for 09/10 update
Fabric curtains.
10/10 It can be dangerous to avoid candlelight candles in the family room.
Choose the reed diffuser and your home will smell great!
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