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drew and susan\'s eclectic decor

by:Grade     2020-03-25
Can someone explain to me your crush on big?
Screen TV, this is a real weakness that no one can resist.
I saw adult men blushing and dizzy at the first sight of their new publicationinch screen.
When it comes to men and their TV, the size is really important!
But what brings this joy to some is the source of the designer\'s real pain.
This is the case with my clients Susan and Drew who have just moved from a small apartment in the city center to a larger medium-sized apartmenttown house.
Although the basement is the perfect room to build a subway Temple, their new TV is too big (
It\'s through this door! )
So their solution is to have me make a home for it somewhere in the joint space in the living room and dining room.
They don\'t argue because my clients are not only TV and movie connoisseurs, they are also enthusiasts!
In terms of furniture, the couple inherited a trendy mid-range piece of furniturecentury white-
A very modern grandma\'s vinyl sofa.
It\'s perfect in their old apartment, but it\'s not possible to configure it in their new space.
So, starting with my client\'s contemporary table and artwork and enough audio and video equipment, I started running.
One of my biggest challenges is trying to capture the personal style of the client.
The front building of the house is very traditional with traditional furniture and antiques from Susan and drew.
However, the combination of the living room and the dining room is in sharp contrast ---
Modern arched architecture
Ceiling space for contemporary furniture and artwork.
My solution to this different design sensitivity is to create an eclectic living and dining room environment rather than reflecting any particular style direction.
A diverse design approach is one of my favorite ways to design the space as it provides interest, flexibility and longevity.
Unfortunately, this is also one of the hardest things to do well because it\'s easy for the eclectic to get weird and it\'s not what I want!
One key to the success of the eclectic look is to combine at least two parts of the design phase separately so that there is a clear contrast to the style.
For example, in my client\'s dining area, I paired their contemporary artisan tables with 1930 Art Deco sideboards, 18th-century carved Venetian mirrors, and exquisite French wire chandeliers.
This is not your typical supporting restaurant consisting of tables, chairs and buffet.
No match.
This approach relies heavily on age.
Old theory of attraction of opposites
The successful compromise interior design is not only a contrast of style, but also a contrast of materials and finishes.
I put all the media equipment in a cabinet system that Visually unifies all the electronic mess.
With all these high-
I launched a custom chocolate.
Brown leather sofa and an oversized cushion in twotoned cowhide.
Then I fixed the whole group with an antique Persian carpet.
A wooden table acts as a sofa table where tall Lucite desk lamps can be placed, bringing light to the area and helping to separate the media area from the dining space.
Another example of material mixing and storage is evident in the furniture I chose for the sunken area leading to the garden: two red leather art deco chairs next to transparent luccaite credenza, round marble
Laid on the Biedermeier table is a charming chrome accessory, and the whole suit is made of cowhide below.
Contrast and combine wood, Lucite, leather, Chrome and fur to get your eyes dancing and looking for more unexpected things!
This style not only satisfies the traditional and modern color palette of my clients, but also a flexible solution that allows them to grow and express their personality and style.
Try bringing a new \"foreign\" item in a perfectly matched restaurant or bedroom suite and you\'ll soon realize it doesn\'t seem to fit.
Susan and Drew will never have to worry about this, and over the years they have access to new pieces, almost guaranteed that they will find a home in their very eclectic living and dining space.
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