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Easy Solar Lamp

by:Grade     2020-06-04
I developed this project from two projectsfold need.
First of all, I want a light in our backyard that can be on all night, but doesn\'t need to run anything, and secondly, I want a simple and cheap emergency light, if there is a power outage, it can be used indoors at night.
I \'ve looked at several solar alternatives, most of which are either expensive or need to install a large solar panel on our roof, which seems a bit overkill for what I want.
I \'ve been thinking about the small solar street lights you see in many stores, but they don\'t seem to be bright enough.
Finally, I found a solution when I walked through the clearance aisle at a discount store.
If I use a few of these lights and lift them to a few feet off the ground, the solar path lights will work!
I bought a package of 8 lights (
On the customs clearance channel)for $14 U. S.
Then go to a thrift store.
At the thrift store, I found an old floor lamp.
There is a kind of weighted base about 5 feet high)for 25 cents!
I\'m fine on the road now!
Back in the store, I found an old ceiling light fixture with three metal arms (
Fix a light ball to the ceiling).
After removing all the wires from the floor lamp, I installed the arm of this ceiling light fixture to the top of the floor lamp and extended the center rod of the lamp to a place slightly higher than the three outboard arms (
Use a piece of waste oil pipe).
I then paint the assembly first with a primer and then paint it in black.
After drying, I installed a yard light on each of the three arms and on the central arm.
The lights in these yards each went out about 2 lumens of light, so four of them went out about 8 lumens together-
It\'s enough for what I want in the yard, and if I want to bring the lights in, it\'s also enough for emergency lighting.
I put the light out there with plenty of sunshine and I found it to be on all night.
Since it usually stays outside, it will always be charged if I need the emergency light at home.
I also made a small desk lamp for the patio (
See the last photo)
From the lights in another solar yard I already have.
I installed it from an old coffee pot on the stem and basket and used an old pot cover on the base.
Of course, it only emits 1/4 of the light from the floor lamp, but it is enough to light the small table at night.
Also, take it in if needed.
I used to think these cheap little street lights were a bit useless, but I found that if you put them together and lift them up, they would send out some decent lights.
And they don\'t cost any money to run!
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