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easy steps on installing you crystal chandeliers

by:Grade     2020-08-09
Nowadays, the crystal chandelier is very demanding.
Crystal chandeliers play a big role in increasing the appeal of your house.
So, congrats to all those who buy crystal chandeliers!
To help us enjoy the crystal chandelier tour, I will provide you with easy steps on how to install the chandelier.
Keep in mind that the installation of crystal chandeliers requires careful attention to every detail.
First of all, you have to know how many of your crystal chandeliers are.
If you see that it almost matches the weight of your current lighting device, there is no need for you to replace the junction box.
On the other hand, if your chandelier is heavier than your current lighting device, you need to purchase and install a junction box that supports the weight of the chandelier.
Then, remember that you have to turn off the power supplied by the chandelier circuit.
Use the circuit tester to verify that the power supply is off.
Then you have to remove the old light fixture.
When performing this fixture, you have to mark the way the fixture looks and mark the wires with tape.
Then, if necessary, you must install the junction box as soon as possible.
You have to connect the hardware on the new chandelier to the m Mount belt.
If you can\'t find the installation belt, that means you have to install one.
You have to connect the new chandelier with a wire like the previous fixture.
Connect the wires.
But keep in mind that you have to match the color when placing the wire.
Before connecting the new wire to the corresponding ceiling wire, remove about inches of insulation from each new wire.
Once you have completed the wire twist from the new chandelier to the ceiling wire, you must rotate the wire nut clockwise.
You have to know that in every new chandelier you purchase, the manufacturer always includes instructions that allow you to complete the process of installing the crystal chandelier.
Also need to be reminded that if you install a crystal chandelier in the dining room or kitchen area, make sure that the crystal chandelier hangs at least 30 inch above any table you may have placed under it.
The diameter of your crystal chandelier should be 12 inch smaller than the width of the table.
Of course, when installing crystal chandeliers, always ask for help from others.
Crystal chandeliers are usually heavy but delicate.
Remember, you will ruin the crystal chandelier if you put it down.
So now that you have enough knowledge to install your crystal chandelier, make sure you have to buy a crystal chandelier that will mix the paintings of your home for a more attractive effect.
Please note that if you want to keep the crystal chandelier beautiful for a long time, you must clean it once in a while.
So get up from your seat and start installing the crystal chandelier.
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