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Signature: the staff of Barbara De Witt wrote an article for Sue and Ben Z Gerson, and the living room of their valley village has become their battlefield.
Ben likes white walls.
Su wants to wash in bright colors.
Bentz likes to use it.
Brick fireplace in the corner.
Su imagined a brick reduction with a wooden mantel.
When Ben was watching his favorite show on big TV, he dreamed of having a big leather sofa to rest on.
Sue agrees with their jeans.
The covered sofa needs to go, but she wants a new sofa that is soft and soft.
Most importantly, she wants the TV to be invisible.
Michael Payne
The hosts of HGTV \"designed for sex\" can assure Gershons that they are not alone.
In terms of decoration, 89% of couples have different opinions, Payne said.
After three seasons and nearly 500 episodes of performance, Payne has settled many of the decoration disputes and is not surprised by the plight of Gerston.
First, most men like leather sofas, large recliners, and wide recliners, he said.
Because it is their nature, TV is displayed on the screen.
He said: \"This is very primitive, everything about safety and men, and the Power Program for Women is the throne --
Famous sofa with goosedown cushions.
\"Penn describes his tastes as custom and non-fading, how does he help couples see each other in their eyes?
\"I listen, I sketch ideas and let them buy the best things on a budget, but in the end my plan has to reflect the taste of the homeowner,\" he said . \".
At Gershon\'s house, a 1,600-square-
1960 square foot house with a living/dining room overlooking the backyard pool, Penn has drawn up a plan that includes scraping off the plaster from the ceiling, give it a shiny finish with embedded lighting, replace the old sliding door with wood
Trimmed French doors to darken the bleached wood floor and tear a hole in the wall
In the TV cabinet, finally, paint the wall with a rag
Wash the artificial finish and give a Mediterranean style.
This project takes three months, and the only original project that can survive is a narrow task --
Style dining tables and chairs, as well as floral patterns on the back wall.
When the dust settled and the painters were not there, Sue was in a happy mood and Ben was shocked.
Ben said: \"When I came home to see the golden wall, I wanted to leave and I didn\'t come back until it was repainted white, but then our friend came over, it was warm and friendly, so I decided I could.
But I have to tell you that I like blue and there is no blue in the house.
\"I like it,\" said Sue.
As we expected!
Of course, Su is happier.
She got the color she wanted, a new fireplace, an invisible TV, and a soft chenille sofa with a love seat with a complementary print. And Bentzi?
\"I have two small leather chairs!
He posed proudly and said, waving a cigar.
For those who want to know how all this is combined, Su says finding all the furniture within their meager budget is an endless shopping trip.
First of all, Penn took them to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood and several luxury hotels.
Terminal designer store so they can see all the latest look, sit inside, consider the fabric and sofa style and make a decision based on the size of the room and the plan.
It was on this trip that Bentz learned that the leather sofa in his mind was too big, too big and too big for the small room, and eventually Penn had two smaller sofas --
Leather proportional side chair specially designed for him.
The next stop, Su recalls, is Glendale\'s sofa Gallery, where their ideas and choice of chenille fabrics turn into sofa and love seats.
At the Home Depot EXPO Design Center in Monrovia, they selected lamps and wood carvings to be placed behind the sofa;
They bought a large area of carpet on Tuesday morning;
At the Marshall restaurant, they bought chenille pillows for sofas and fireplaces;
On the lamps and sockets in the valley, they found three table lamps.
Sue squandered on a country board in the Sundance catalogue and saved money on artificial plants within seconds of North Hollywood.
After they removed the wall
There is a heater closet in the back)
Sue installed the TV cabinet to allow artist Jennifer Permutt to paint the TV cabinet and extend the simple floral theme into the adjoining kitchen.
To align with the new design theme, Penn asked Gershons to remove the vertical blinds and added the forging
The iron curtain rod and the clear panel allow the contractor to create a curved entrance to the door.
He also proposed a wooden frame for floral printing and added drama and other works of art to it, each with overhead lighting.
\"It\'s like a new house,\" admits Bentzi, who is now willing to redo the bathroom and bedroom.
But he will make sure there is a little bit of blue. . . somewhere.
\"Design for sexy\" What: Interior designer Michael Payne listens to the couple\'s design dilemma, makes design plans within their budget, takes them shopping and shoots the whole for future episodes
Location: 6: 9 p. m. m.
Thursday on HGTV
What is free and what is not free: his design, drawings and services are free of charge;
The homeowner makes the purchase but usually gets a discount as the store/manufacturer/contractor will be included in the TV credit.
House Rules: houses must be within an hour\'s drive from downtown Los Angeles.
How to get into your house: Couples should apply for the \"for sex Design\" production company on www. pietownprods.
Or send an email
Mail to Payne at mrache (at)earthlink.
Net to conduct applications and questionnaires.
Working in Los Angeles for over 20 years as an interior designer, recording nearly 500 episodes of HGTV\'s design for gender, Michael Payne has learned what women want.
This has nothing to do with men\'s taste in decoration.
Among the solutions for decoration and Penn, here are the most common couple conflicts: decoration style conflicts: men like men and/or modern materials such as stainless steel;
Women like female country style best and have a lot of wood texture.
Remedy: \"Not necessarily/or.
Antiques stand out from the modern home, but there is some furniture that combines wood with steel.
It can also be argued that the classic artwork displayed in contemporary homes can be amazing.
\"Windows conflict: men like big Windows without a bunch of brothers
Women want to end their wedding with delicate curtains.
Remedy: \"Both looks can be obtained by using curtains or blinds that can be opened during the day and can be closed at night to protect privacy.
Alternatively, the curtains with sheers look elegant and have the feeling of opening the window, but have a translucent effect.
\"Floor conflict: hardwood floor, tile floor, brick floor are preferred by most men;
Most women like carpets.
Remedy: \"use several different floors in your home, such as hard and durable floors in the family room and kitchen, but there are soft carpets in the bedroom. . .
The carpet on the hard floor provides a compromise for the living room.
Men like leather and solid products-color fabric;
Women are attracted by floral decorations, laces and soft, velvety texture.
They also like the decor on the fabric, such as pipes, stripes and tassels, while men like simple things.
Remedy: \"His big leather sofa can be softened with throwing pillows.
Or you can have a regular fabric sofa next to a patterned fabric chair or a floral curtain in a room with solid fabric furniture.
\"Conflict of color in walls: a man wants a wall in white or beige color;
Women want a stronger, bolder, or brighter color.
Remedy: \"If he wants white and she prefers happy, bright yellow, consider something like moss green.
\"Collective conflict of interest: men want the desktop to be clean and tidy, and women want everything to be covered by personal items, biography heir, photos and Chinese collections.
Remedy: \"Compromise by defining the area of collectibles such as shelves and cabinets and keeping the designated space uncluttered. \'\'Editing (toss/keep)
Conflict: Men may like neat desktops, but it\'s hard for them to clean the closets and garages.
They are sentimental \"spectators\" and find it difficult to separate from comfortable old chairs like \"Fraser\" on TV.
However, in order to give new space, women are ruthless about throwing away the old.
Remedy: \"Ask yourself if you will buy this item if you see it in the store today.
If the answer is no, discard it. \'\'-
Barbara de vitger (S)
: 10 photos, boxPhoto :(1 --cover --color)
2 hgtv\'s \"sexy design\" host Michael Payne\'s room solves the decoration dilemma of the Valley couple (2 --4 --color)
Redesign the living room of the former gershons home, left, during work, right, and finally, after the work is completed, below. (5 --color)
Bentz Gerston enjoys a cigar in one of his hard cigars.
Won the leather chair. (6 --7 --color)
Gorgeous architecture in Gershon-
In the cabinet above, Su wants to hide the TV in the living room. (8 --color)no caption (red chair)(9 --color)no caption (
Flower furniture)(10)
HGTV designer and host Michael Payne stands in front of a fireplace designed for Sue and Bentzi Gershon\'s living room.
Photo Studio by David Springer/staff: compromise position (see text)
Fireplace designed for the living room of Sue and Bentzi Gershon. Photographer box for David Springer/staff: compromise location (see text)
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