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finding the right fit: smart buyers match lifestyle with home style

by:Grade     2019-12-28
If you want a new home in the market, one of the most important decisions is what kind of house to buy.
Knowing the pros and cons of each home style can help you make informed decisions.
The ground floor of the bungalow style bungalow can provide you with \"first-class life \"-
Especially if you have laundry on the main floor.
One of my favorite things about this bungalow is that I can easily get my morning coffee and let me avoid a long trek on the long stairs that are half awake and reach \"oh, it\'s too necessary \"to start a new day with the first cup of java.
The bedroom, bathroom and living room are all on the main floor and you may have a little reason to trek downstairs.
Maybe your basement is just for storage and machinery (
Furnace, hot water tank).
Alternatively, if you need space for visitors, parties, you can have a guest room and a second living room in the basement, or older offspring who need to move back to regroup or return to school for a while.
There are many varieties of bungalows, including Ranch, raised bungalow, semi-bungalow, and bungalow on strike in basement.
It\'s more expensive to build a bungalow per square foot (similar to bi-
Level and split level). Ranch-
The style bungalow is low key and there are fewer steps to enter the front door, which is great for people with inconveniences.
But the basement of the ranch bungalow is usually dark.
The horizontal windows are smaller than those in the high bungalow.
The raised bungalow will have several steps to the front door, which can be dangerous in winter as snow and ice pile up on the stairs.
However, since these houses are kept, they usually provide a more functional basement with more natural light available from larger windows.
The raised bungalow may be more suitable for the basement suite as the lower floors don\'t feel like the basement and the exterior walls are more above grade. The semi-
Two more bungalows. storey home.
Prominent features of the semi-finals
The bungalow is a sloping ceiling on the upper floor.
However, these families do have their shortcomings.
First, the sloping ceiling limits the number of insulation materials that can be installed, making them less efficient to withstand the cold in winter.
The houses were popular in the 1940 s and 1950 s and often had the smallest eaves on the roof, making them easily ice-proof.
Upgrade with bilevels, split-levels and two-storeysBi-
Flat-story homes are similar to elevated bungalows as there will be large windows in the basement and do not feel like a typical basement. Bi-
Guan cartoons often have an entrance to the ground, and as you walk in, you will immediately see the steps, which can rise to both the main level and the lower level.
Unfortunately, many bi
Flat-story homes provide less space to accommodate a group of people who enter the family at the same time.
When guests arrive wearing a small entrance passage landing shoe, it can become crowded and has to go through two stairs and limited shoe space. Still, the bi-
Level is one of my favorite home styles because you are really twice as good as well --
Bright living space because the basement is very warm and bright. The split-
Level home is similar to a bungalow, but it\'s like an earthquake, raising half of it by 4 feet.
This style of family will have three to five different levels offering different living areas throughout the family.
Since the living room is usually on the second floor, separated from the kitchen or dining room, the layout allows you to enjoy some time to relax with friends without seeing the mess of dinner directly.
The disadvantage of splitting is
Level is the number of stairs connecting different levels of the home.
This works for you if you coordinate well and like to solve the problem, but all these stairs can limit people with operational problems. The two-
Storey home is the most affordable house per square foot as it requires less concrete and roof area than any other home style.
These houses usually build an extra room on the attached garage, reducing the need to develop the basement to get extra living space.
Mainly including living area, kitchen, two-
Some bathrooms have offices or formal restaurants occasionally. Two-
Multi-storey homes also allow for more physical separation between your bedroom and living space. Generally, two-
The multi-storey residence is not suitable for the development of basement suites.
However, some builders began to offer a side door and basement window large enough to meet the specifications of the bedroom and living room.
You may see two occasionally. and-a-half or three-
Storey home and some of the skinny houses we see in town have a level 3, but these styles are more popular in early 1900.
Knowing which home style fits your lifestyle can help you find and increase your family\'s enjoyment over the next few years.
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