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for a mosaic of designs

by:Grade     2020-08-04
Each form of interior window has a glass mosaic.
Small pieces gathered from floor tiles to keep your feet in nonwatery areas (
As in the dance floor reflecting flashing lights)
The gap with nature has laidskid (
In the pool)
Walls like mushrooms
Decorative pieces and murals, they are real eyes-catching.
For example, some yarn and clothing boutiques in the city, sports Glass
The mosaic Sally murals spread greatly at the altitude and attracted a long time of attention.
Impressive Sally mural images in several showrooms are technology
Carefully crafted tiny Italian glass mosaic, Indian glass tiles and tiles spread close to 8-
10 feet on the wall
Ramnath, the owner of a huge sari showroom, said the design was novel: \"We don\'t want antique boards or excessive
Glass, aluminum, steel for lielevations.
We don\'t want the image of the company.
A refreshing shift from decadesold, neo-
What we think is the classical appearance.
Even if that means a casual presentation of the sari image, we want it to be the only --one-of-its-
A medium of creativity.
\"Challenge\" this kind of tile that makes murals on the wall is a challenge, S said.
Muralidharan, studio Infiniti, handles a variety of tiles.
\"In any huge mural, there will be at least three families of small tiles of different thickness mixed together to keep the design in the right shape.
In order to get the right design, even 10mm x 10mm tiles must be cut.
The Italian and Indian versions of stripes are glued to the wall with polymer
Improved adhesive for lifetime grip and special curing agent for matching tile color.
Bonds for permanent bonds are-algae, anti-
Fungus and waterproof.
But what is the feeling of stepping on these small glass bricks?
Aren\'t they vulnerable? Can they bear the traffic?
Do they provide a safe grasp? Says Amit M. Juvekar, GM-
\"Palladio glass mosaic is mainly used for wall coating, but the bathroom is also recommended to use floor mosaic, and the reason for the small size is that it does not increase the weight of the surface it covers.
The larger size means a larger thickness, which in turn means a larger weight.
\"Palladio has raw materials such as silica, quartz, orthite and fluorine Stone at Kadi\'s factory, which are mixed with colored oxides.
The mixture is then heated at a certain temperature to melt and melt evenly.
When removed, the melt becomes glass.
It has 300 shades.
Through complex CAD software, the mosaic is transformed into a series of vibrating colors.
The design can be carried out with professional liveliness, especially when combined with the artist
Cut, border, color-
Murals and murals.
\"As glass, it can never be scratch-proof,\" says Amit . \".
\"It can be easily fixed on any surface and can be maintained with just any common bathroom detergent.
The other is water-proof, acid-
Even in bad weather conditions, prove and retain its properties for many years.
The joint gap between mosaics is reversed
Glides can help you catch the surface easily (
In the case of bathroom, low traffic area application).
\"The basic range of glass mosaics starts with Rs. 150 per sq.
Ft and go are up to thousands depending on the materials used.
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