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fun facts about sterling silver jewelry

by:Grade     2020-08-11
If you like white metal and are attracted to platinum and/or platinum, then sterling silver is an affordable alternative that allows you to get the same look in a fraction of the cost.
It tells you something when you wear a piece of jewelry.
Your PersonalityYour style.
Your attention to detail
To be honest, the jewelry you choose is all about you and your taste for accessories.
Here are five interesting facts about your favorite sterling silver jewelry: The ring can stretch your fingers.
If you choose a ring style that is wider than it, it can actually make your fingers look longer.
If your fingers are short, maybe you will like the look of a slender and elegant hand.
The length of the ring is measured from top to bottom, or visually, as from knuckles to Knuckles.
The width of the ring is measured from one side to the other, or visually, it looks horizontal when it sits on your finger.
Colorful cubic zirconium jewelry gives you a glimpse of wealth.
Cubic zirconia is the most popular man-made diamond in the world, and its appearance is far beyond its cost.
Because the stone is artificial, it is more affordable than the real diamond.
Nevertheless, the naked eye cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imitated.
It is said that there are 10,000 white diamonds for each colored diamond.
This means that colored diamonds are more rare and therefore more expensive.
Popular diamond colors include yellow, pink, red, blue, black, champagne, chocolate and even green.
The imitation of these colored cubic zirconia jewelry gives the wearer an immediate \"wow\" appeal.
The hanging earrings are \"rocking\" under the current trend \".
The popularity of earrings today is below the bar line, and the length can be easily reached.
The movement of sterling silver jewelry is always great, and that\'s what the chandelier or chain design will bring to you, but in terms of hanging, big rings or earrings are also a wise choice.
Sterling silver is the perfect backdrop for cubic zirconia.
Because sterling silver is white metal, it compliments the perfect cubic zirconia perfectly.
If you set real diamonds in sterling silver, they must be of very good quality and almost clean in order to get the perfect look.
If diamonds are not clean enough, they will have a clear cloud cover.
For cubic zirconia, you don\'t have to worry about inclusions or other defects, which is why they work beautifully with the white tones of sterling silver.
The hardness of sterling silver is very high.
It is estimated that sterling silver is between 2. 5 and 2.
At the hardness level, this makes it stronger than some types of gold.
When you wear a piece of jewelry, it must be strong enough to support everyday wear.
Whether it\'s a ring, a bracelet, an earring or a necklace, your jewelry should be able to stand the test of regular use.
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