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GE\'s $50 Light Bulb

by:Grade     2020-04-26
\"Incandescent lamps in ordinary families go extinct\" written by Matt hikanas (
They will be completely eliminated in the United States. S. by 2014)
, \"Battle of light bulbs\" with CFLs, led and new long-
The ESL bulb, a long-lasting competitor, is vying for its place and usher in a new era of energy --
Efficient lighting.
Just this week, GE announced a new omni-directional, 9-
Designed to replace a normal 40 watt bulb
Watt incandescent lamps used in bedside tables and desk lamps.
According to GE, the life of the energy smart LED is 25,000 hours or 22 hours. 8 years (
Based on the usage of three hours/day)
It saves 77% of its energy compared to 40
Incandescent lamps in Watt.
This is the first one.
Plug in LED bulbs directly and get Energy Star rating. The price?
The energetic led sells for $50.
To be sure, pay a daunting price for a light bulb that can live (
Maybe live longer)
Your bedside lamp, but when you do math (
Thanks to GE for doing it for us)
Dramatic costs have become more acceptable.
The cost is estimated at $1 per year. 08 versus $4. 82 for a 40-
Watt incandescent lamps (based on $.
11 per kilowatt hour)
A single energy smart LED can save homeowners $85 over the life of the bulb.
Learn more about this innovation 40-
Watt replacement for GE Energy Smart LED mini
You can also buy the website of the bulb now.
Or, wait until January, Energy Smart LED into the retail market.
Do you think you will invest $50, $23? Year light bulb?
Since I first talked about energy smart LED on my blog in August, have you changed your attitude towards investing in LED bulbs (
It was expected to last 17 years, not nearly 23. ?
Or will you wait until the LED technology develops, the consumer interest grows, and the label price of incandescent lamps rises before it is released?
Decline in alternatives?
Matt Hickman blogs for the Mother Nature Network.
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