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gem hsin\'s new albite series of led lamps feature even illumination, attractive design and energy savings.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 21, 2011--(PR. com)--
Cool design and creative product master Gem Hsin has launched a new series of Albite LED lighting including floor lamp, wall lamp and ceiling lamp: albite. stand, albite. Line and stone.
It\'s the sky.
With the introduction of the newAlbite series, Gem Hsin introduces an innovative new concept in LED home lighting, with highly functional LED lights suitable for various home types, bringing LED lighting to the user\'s living space
The new Albite series LED home light fixtures are different from the old LED products.
Use higher LED lights
The Power led, as a light source, usually produces obvious visual highlights and higher operating temperatures.
Therefore, these old LED lights will not only adversely affect visual comfort, but also have an impact on visual comfort.
Power LEDs also bring an uncomfortable increase in room temperature, which leads to an increase in air quality
Adjust the power load, directly opposite the alleco
The principle of being friendly or green.
However, the Albite Series LED lighting design uses patented technology to provide visual comfort while using low-power LED, which helps to achieve carbon reduction targets with only 2 w per hour of power use.
Compared with incandescent lamps, the led energy consumption of Albite is reduced by 85%, compared with halogen lamps by 80%, compared with CFL lamps by 70%, and compared with fluorescent lamps by 55%.
Although the Albite lamp consumes only 8 w of power, 800 of luxurious lighting is provided at 35 cm of the power.
Albite\'s patented design achieves a 99% light uniformity, so the led does not create a dazzling spot like a competitive product.
On the contrary, the light is uniform and natural, the shadow is soft, and the glare is greatly reduced.
There is no flashing of gentle lighting.
Patent energy of gem Hsin-
The energy-saving LED light cooling structure also extends the LED life: the rated life of the Albiteseries LED is 30,000 hours, and all lights are protected by the manufacturer\'s warranty for two years.
Further reduced maintenance costs, the LED tube is easy to replace when needed.
Albite LED home lighting has economic and environmental benefits for all.
The color rendering index of the Albite LED light is 80, which can produce a pleasant 4000 K lighting.
The light coverage is very good with a width angle of 100 *.
The light can be controlled by the touch sensor switch.
Gem Hsinis has a very high demand for the Albite series and wants to expand its international distribution network and welcomes inquiries from dealers around the world.
The main features of the Albite series * pleasant, compared with traditional lighting, even lighting without dazzling highlights or glare * additional low power consumption * reduced energy consumption up to 85% * only 2 W/hour power consumption * 30,000 hours maintenance cost * advanced heat dissipation design extend LED life and reduce cost of air conditioning * patented technical advantages * Fashion design suitable for all settings * color selection matches decoration * touch sensor switch * 2 year warranty about Gem Hsin Electronics Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Gem New Electronics is a company focused on technological progress and energy conservation in Taiwan.
Manufacturers of LED lamps and other modern creative products.
Innovation is the top priority of Gem Hsin.
Hsin\'s products include office lighting, 3C products, home lighting, LED lights and bulbs.
The company\'s 3C peripheral applications include the TOPAZ series of usb led lighting products and the tourmaline usb battery pack.
Gem Hsin is expanding its entire business
NewAlbite series of stylish home lighting brings another innovative home to consumers --
Lighting products.
The company\'s goal is to improve electronic efficiency and lighting efficiency and improve product life.
We are committed to improving the quality of life of every customer.
The vision of Gem Hsin is to make life Green for All, improve efficiency and save energy.
As a professional OEM/odm supplier, Gem Hsin Electronics is committed to providing customers with the most valuable and quality led lighting solutions.
From optical, electronic and physical structures to stunning industrial design and packaging, Gem Hsin guarantees a full range of services for every customer.
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