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grand central terminal lighting goes green

by:Grade     2020-01-22
How many people do it take to replace each bulb at Central Station?
The result is six.
This is a complete one. time job.
Those wire workers on Tuesday
Their official title.
Unscrew the last incandescent lamp left in the building and replace it with a compact fluorescent bulb to complete the greening of the lighting system at the bustling station.
While the wire workers were working, the photographers took photos, and officials praised the efforts, recalling the days when the stations and light bulbs were young.
The bulbs discussed are on one of the 10 giant Boks
Art chandelier in lobby.
Decorated in gold detail with 110 bulbs, 96-year-old globe-
The chandelier hangs on the main hall balcony like a glowing faberg©Eggs.
Fluorescent bulbs are used longer and have lower energy consumption, saving money and helping to advance the environmental goals of the city.
For the first time, they were installed on the middle terminal.
1980 s with tube-
Marjorie S says plastic fluorescent lights hanging on the train station are mainly designed to illuminate them.
Subway spokesman Anders-North Railroad.
About seven years ago, compact fluorescent lamps that could be screwed into standard lighting sockets were mounted on the cornice hanging on the ceiling of the main hall, 75 feet from the ground, much of it is because it is an adventure and labor to replace old bulbs oftenHeavy housework
With the advancement of technology and aesthetics
The bulb becomes less obvious and can be darkened
From the departure board to the chandelier, the bulbs are everywhere.
If you see incandescent lamps in this place, call me and say Steve Stroo, electrical and mechanical director in charge of the replacement work.
We will change it because we may have missed it once or twice. âx80x9dMr.
Stroh would not even guess the number of light bulbs for the entire terminal, which covers two levels of 48 acres, but he estimates that the annual bulb budget is less than $100,000.
It takes about $1,100 to replace all the bulbs on one chandelier.
Replace about 4,000 bulbs in the terminal common area-
Platform, train station or office space is not included-
She estimates that she will save $200,000 a year. Anders said.
The return on the initial investment will take only a few months.
However, with the light bulb burning 24 hours a day, the shift will not leave any of the six wire workers at the terminal out of work, SirStroh said.
Even with fluorescent lights, he said, \"It\'s a big job.
Comments are no longer accepted. As a pioneer (Architect)
\"Green Movement in Buildings \"(www.
Captain democracywordpress. com)
It took me so long to say this \"yes\" 21st century?
I hope to have \"candelette\" on the dock on Friday and Saturday nights, which will create jobs and tourism. //www.
Captain democracywordpress.
ComI dares to say that this is a very decent central station, not to mention that in these green years of our lives they have moved from expensive incandescent lamps to free lighting!
Great. now there\'s mercury in the room.
Green Road!
When going to the LED in other parts of the world, only MTA will convert to flash!
After all, when you can save 2/3 of your energy with LEDs, why save 8/9 of your energy with flourescents?
So, what happens to the replaced working incandescent lamp?
Will they waste it?
While I realize that this switch may save some energy for the MTA, which is always short of money, and maybe a lot of money, I still think it\'s sad --
Even a little short-sighted-
At least a few high-profile fixtures are not allowed (
For example, the middle fixture of five \"Electric Guns\" per row)
Show the original look of the terminal.
Also, in my opinion, a lot of excess lighting has been blindly added to the terminal over the years (e. g.
Dazzling, orange yellow floodlights illuminate the ceiling of the waiting room).
In my opinion, this kind of lighting is not only unnecessary (
Much more than the room currently needs as a corridor function)
And the price is expensive, but it actually reduces the original beauty of the room.
Perhaps reducing all unnecessary lighting added to the terminal carelessly over the years can save almost as much money as making every bulb of the terminal \"green --
Or at least save enough money to keep at least a few fixtures in their original, expensive \"Glow \"(
For demonstration purposes).
I want to know the incandescent lamps in Louis Sullivan\'s world-famous \"Auditorium (in Chicago)—
Another building, where the glow of an incandescent lamp is an integral part of the design --
Are floresports or LED lights being replaced?
Eugene. -I agree.
I certainly hope they will replace them with LEDs the next time they reconnect this place.
To be fair, they seem to have started the project long before the LEDs appeared.
This must be a huge facility that requires 6 people to change bulbs full time.
So is this the decoration of the central station?
Eco-protectionism is like God to people who sacrifice all other considerations to \"go green\" and force others to follow/convert.
I have a picture of a chandelier with them. transform.
They save some money and it\'s good, but don\'t they care about the negative effects of fluorescent lighting on health?
Many people are very sensitive to this light, which can cause migraine and seizures.
Let\'s not pretend it\'s for Green\"
It\'s money.
I am sure of this decision.
Manufacturers here do not go to work by bike or pay extra for wind energy.
Hope they last longer than the CFs I bought at Home Depot
It was too dark for two or two years and it took them five minutes to send out acceptable light.
As Eugene mentioned, I started migrating to LEDs.
I was surprised by the led.
I have a 3 W LED spotlight that replaces the 60 W incandescent lamp in my desk lamp.
Not as wide as the beam, but enough. Yuck! ! ! !
Fluorescent lighting is not a replacement for incandescent lamps.
It can lead to migraine in susceptible groups.
When people start flashing and buzzing and don\'t have enough manpower to fix them, I can\'t wait to see their annoyed faces.
If they try to ban incandescent lamps in my home, I think I have to move to the woods.
The hanging lights shown in the photos of the central station story are very beautiful!
Thanks for the interesting article about another spectacular American landmark.
Please give us more of these!
Comments on migraine and fluorescent lamps are only available for old power frequency lamps.
These flashes are twice the frequency of power supply (
Generally 50 or 60Hz depending on where you live).
The compact fluorescent lamp uses a much higher frequency power oscillator and has no record of causing migraine.
Compact fluorescent lamps must have shortcomings, but not one of them is causing migraine.
I can understand the need to save money and reduce energy consumption, but I agree that this is a sad thing when the aesthetic quality of this magnificent building is compromised.
Why not cut jobs?
The compact fluorescent bulb should be 8-10 times longer than the incandescent lamp, so you will think that there should be 1/8 of the future work.
It seems that they can pass by fewer people.
Curious: compact fluorescent bulbs are not produced in the United States (
They are all from China)
They contain mercury and need special treatment (
They are classified as hazardous substances).
Does operating cost savings offset the total environmental impact? Possibly not. Sigh.
6 full time staff and $100,000 bulb budget?
Well . . . . . . Bare Central Station
The light bulb lighting device that produces a lot of glare is specially designed to show off the light bulb.
At that time, GCT was a new innovation in making electric lights, and builders were demonstrating the technology.
The hue of the flash used today is similar to the incandescent lamp they replaced.
Hope they can hold on longer.
Consumers should be careful when buying home CFLs because their packaging may not be true.
The replacement is advertised as \"equivalent to a 60 W bulb\", but the amount of lumens-measurements produced by light-actually shows less light.
When purchasing any type of bulb, please check the lumen value and make a comparison.
If they are really worried about the cost, they won\'t let 6 electricians change the bulbs, and they can get 6 doormen to change the bulbs faster for 1/3 of the money.
Hiring an electrician to change a light bulb is as effective as hiring Michael Jackson to look after your child in New York-an electrician to change a light bulb?
It\'s like hiring a surgeon to trim toenails.
Second, why do LED bulbs use ugly fluorescent bulbs when they emit proper light and are more efficient for a long timeterm to boot?
More toxic bulbs are stacked with all the batteries.
People throw them away and cause pollution to the environment.
Don\'t believe me?
Next time you change a light bulb, watch yourself do this (
This is often seen).
The smug of the captain of democracy blocked my air.
I might try to reduce this form of pollution, which is as bad as the rest.
Why don\'t they use LED?
There is no reason to use incandescent lamps and fluorescent bulbs.
The LED lasts longer and uses less energy, and you can even choose the exact light color.
I would like to know which CFL dealer offers kickbacks to government officials to provide \"less efficient than led Lighting\" services for all of these . . . . . . .
I was wondering how long it would take them to switch to LEDs (
Same kick-
The supplier will then receive the contract for the new bulb)?
Out of curiosity, a lot of people here are talking about LEDs.
The CFL lamp specified for GCT is available in a medium base socket that can be screwed into an existing socket in the chandelier and has the same shape as a conventional incandescent lamp.
If any of you can run to a local store and buy some LED lights with these qualities, I \'d be happy to check them out.
There are still a few years left for this quality LEDs.
However, cheers for the Green attempt, the compact fluorescent bulb does not burn properly when upside down.
They should be tilted up or sideways, and screwing them into the socket hung at the bottom will minimize their life.
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