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Hangman - 3D and Interactive

by:Grade     2020-06-06
A new way to play the classic hangman.
Challenge your friends.
Choose a word, phrase, or riddle.
Play on glowing glass panels and watch the frustration on their faces grow as the gallows slowly fit together.
My goal is to make an attractive and unique 3-
While playing the same dimension game, what I want to say is that the experience provides a very different experience.
Players have puzzles in front of them at any time, so don\'t lift the notepad any more, and when they get it wrong, they will see the gallows put together one by one.
Everything is built to separate and can be packed.
The game consists of two main parts, the gallows and the game board.
The gallows and the gallows, cut into hands
Carved from bas Wood and connected using a rare magneticearth magnets.
The game board is etched glass, set on the wooden base and edge-
Light up with LED lights.
Write a whiteboard mark on it.
I think I might give some quick background reasoning before I start.
I fell off the roof this winter.
When performing
The old tradition was to shovel the snow off the roof and the ladder came out and I walked down and broke my heels.
So I have a lot of time on hand and very limited mobility.
When I found my carving knife again
A couple, woke up from the night of playing the \"drinking gallows\", the gallows 3D was born.
The gallows-
Wooden blocks, about. 6”x 3. 5”x 14. 5” -$12-
Rare earth nd magnet (27)-$10-20-Wood Glue -$7-5 Min Epoxy -
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