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harry\'s game

by:Grade     2020-01-06
Like a favorite uncle, his presence makes a dull family brighter
Harry Redknapp came together to a photography studio just a few miles from his home in Poole, illuminating the place. . .
\"I heard Arsenal are signing Joe Cole. . .
I have almost one runner in the Derby.
It is called \"arrys Orse \". . .
Theo should be selected for England.
I gave him his debut and kicked him in the middle. . .
I\'m going to play golf soon. . .
I may be attracted to play by tigers. . .
\"When we sat down and talked, he made a sharp voice, anecdotes, opinions, and observations --
Not only about the coming season, but also to understand how Redknapp learned to succeed as a manager, and how a person who has long been considered unfit for a big club became the UK, lead his team into the Champions League.
Along with Harry was his two bullfighting dogs, Buster and Lulu.
\"Buster, after being abused by a bull dog in Stafford, is lucky to be alive,\" Redknapp said . \".
\"He\'s a survivor, kind of like his master.
Harry often walks his dogs on the local beach.
This is his way of relaxing away from crazy, where he can think more deeply about the location in the game and in the game.
The world once saw Redknapp as a character, a happy person. go-
Lucky wheeler dealerBut no-
A person has lived in football management for 27 years by relying solely on these qualities.
For him, there is resilience and smart wisdom, and a little self and self.
The belief necessary to expel the self
Doubt when someone will question your tactics, transfer, change, and reason.
\"If I were at Manchester United, I would have won the championship,\" he said . \"
So is Chelsea.
Maybe Arsenal.
Look at Wenger.
But he went in with a great four-back.
Tony Adams as captain, what will you give him?
Sailor in Target
This is a great team.
\"It\'s all about the environment and the good players.
The top four enter the top four every year because they have the best players.
You can\'t break in.
We have a good squad this year.
The villa in Manchester City is also very close.
Tottenham have a chance to move on and I love it here. I love it.
He continued: \"I managed in Bournemouth for 10 years and eventually I took them to the Championship, the only time they had in their 100 season --year history.
So I always knew I could do it. I never doubted my ability.
I went to West Ham United and we have never won the league but we have never been demoted.
We\'re fifth in a year.
\"If we can keep Rio Ferdinand, Lampard, Joe Cole, Carrick, Johnson and Defoe, we might win something.
But only a few teams can win the league every year, so what did you win?
What did David Moyes win?
He is a top coach, but he can only win one trophy.
He can\'t win the League with Everton, which is impossible.
So this is your problem.
\"Before last season, one might think he won the FA Cup in Portsmouth, reaching its peak.
\"In the last 12 years, we have only one team that has won the trophy, except for the top four.
It\'s Portsmouth.
Unless you are with one of the top four clubs, there is no way you can win more trophies.
I have moved to a club now where I have the opportunity to achieve more goals.
This brings us to the present.
His first goal this season is to get a place in the Champions League group stage.
\"You have to keep a positive attitude and think that no matter who we get, we can overcome both legs and if we go into the group stage, I think we can have a fair impact.
I am not saying that we will win the Champions League, but we are not a bad team and if we can get into a decent team, there is no reason why we can\'t make progress from the league.
We won\'t-hopers.
\"If they advance, the Spurs will promise to face at least one European giant from the continent in the group stage.
So, who will Harry like? Harry smiles.
\"I want to go to Real Madrid.
Yes, that\'s great!
\"Not the Boss, but the relish and enthusiasm of a fan.
In addition to competing with a team of superstars at Bernabeu, the appeal is obvious: he wants to fight with Real Madrid\'s new manager Jose Mourinho.
\"Jose did a great job.
He did a great job in Inter and look at the trophies he won there.
He won the Champions League with Porto.
He\'s kind of like Brian Crawford.
I can see that Mourinho and Crawford watched the damn Manchester United for the first time the other day.
There must be similarities there.
They all know how to get the best from the players.
They are very similar and confident.
\"When he was at Chelsea, I got along well with him.
I have talked to him several times since then.
He is an interesting character. I think he is very good at English football.
Whether you like him or not, he always comes out with something interesting.
Everyone wants to beat him.
Chelsea fans like him very much and other fans hate him because he has done a good job and is a bit arrogant.
He felt good while he was there.
\"Mourinho is just one of the more than 1,000 managers in Redknapp\'s 27-year Premier League and Football League to be fired, and shortly after our conversation Rafa Benitez became the latest victim.
Redknapp is inevitably linked to the job, although it is a sign of the times, and in many ways Tottenham currently seem to be a more attractive one of the two positions.
He is in West Ham United\'s youth team and is also a group of young coaches and senior players who will continue to be famous around the age of 60 and 70.
Malcolm Allison, an assistant coach for Manchester City, won the FA Cup, the Carling Cup and the winners\' Cup during that time;
Dave Sekston won the FA Cup and the Winners\' Cup in Chelsea and England, and won two titles under the age of 21;
John Bond led Manchester City and Norwich to two cup finals.
Noel Cantwell led Coventry into Europe.
During this period, there was also Ron Greenwood, the manager of West Ham, who will later continue to be the manager of England.
He recalled: \"When I was a child, we often went to casetali for dinner . \"
\"Now it\'s about 50 yards from the ground.
We will be there in the afternoon and Malcolm Allison will be in court and you will have John Bond, Noel cantville, where all these people sit, move around the salt and pepper cans to drink tea and talk about football before five o\'clock P. M.
It\'s fun that our young boys will sit at another table and listen to them. Amazing.
\"Ron Greenwood is an amazing coach, an amazing football player.
Ron was an assistant coach at Arsenal and then he came to West Ham.
There is no doubt that he is the best coach I have ever met.
I haven\'t seen anyone as good as Greenwood.
All these great coaches came through the West Ham system.
\"It is also important that when Redknapp becomes a first team player for West Ham, he will guide the students at the local school after training.
\"We used to have 2. 50 an afternoon
All the players used to coach the kids for two or three hours.
It was a great experience.
My school will be playing Trevor bruggin\'s school and we will all laugh and we will laugh at each other the next day.
They were great times, and it got us all involved in coaching.
We all have coaches.
I did it when I was 21.
This is a good foundation for all of us.
\"It is clear that Redknapp will want his players to enjoy similar education by coaching students.
However, it is easier said than done.
\"It\'s different because they don\'t spend 2 to do three hours of work. 50 anymore!
When Gordon Brown was prime minister, I talked to him and he visited Tottenham and I said I would love to do that and get the players to school two or three times a week.
This is good for them.
This will keep them connected with the real world and where they came from.
The children will also like it.
I still think this is something that can be done.
There is no reason for a football player to leave a normal person, the man on the street.
I know they make a lot of money and live in a bigger house. . .
Redknapp is sometimes confused about the mindset of modern players, especially when we discuss the former Spurs player Kevin Prince Boateng and his current famous consumption frenzy, he bought three luxury cars in a day and had 2,000 baseball caps\"It is insane.
You want to know if some players will adore others as we do when they grow up.
When I was at school, I saw Manchester United\'s last game at Arsenal before Munich.
They won Arsenal 5.
4 on Saturday.
My dad and I were on the north shore and I saw Duncan Edwards playing with all the boys.
Apparently they flew to Yugoslavia to play, stopped in Munich and crashed.
\"I saw Duncan Edwards sign for a little boy and I remember thinking how lucky he was to get his signature?
\"Then there was a story about the Portuguese star Paul Fortel who rushed out before West Ham\'s first game against Arsenal because he couldn\'t wear the No. 10 shirt.
It\'s too late for Redknapp to try and explain to replace the jersey number and only Futre will say, \"usibio 10, Maradona 10, Pele 10, Futre 10No 10, no play!
Soon after, Futre got into his car and drove away from Highbury.
But more often than not, Redknapp shows an impressive ability to communicate and communicate with people
Manage his professional players.
At West Ham, after playing 11-11 for Di Canio, he bet on signing Paul Di Canio from Sheffield on Wednesday.
A ban on referee Paul Arke.
Di Canio became a legend of West Ham.
When David Bentley joined the Spurs, he was part of the England national team and was considered a natural successor to David Beckham on the right.
But under Ramos, his career has gone downhill quickly.
\"David really got off track,\" said Harry . \".
\"He threw the towel in and he worked hard every day during training.
But I don\'t hate him.
After Alan Lennon was injured, I put David back.
People said to me, \"You can\'t beat him. he doesn\'t deserve it.
\"I just explained that his head had come down and he didn\'t see any light at the end of the tunnel.
This is his chance. let\'s see if he can catch it. And he did.
He came back and it was great for us.
People deal with it differently.
Some people, they are not on the team and their lives are a mess.
Others are strong and they will try to get back to the team.
\"Bentley has made his own contribution with his team, and their lineup often reaches its limits.
He instilled a more positive attitude in the players.
Although both Arsenal and Chelsea were defeated earlier this season, the Spurs have achieved good results --to-
Won back those teams in April.
Then 1-
Manchester City won the fourth place.
Continuing to control Manchester City will be one of his biggest tasks in the coming season.
\"In the next four to five years, they will win the Premier League.
Like Chelsea are back.
They are very rich and the people who own them can buy any player he wants.
This is not a problem for them.
They can pay the salary they want.
Really, they can\'t compete with it.
They will win in the end.
They will get the best players and if you have the best players then you will have the best team in the end.
\"Of course, it\'s to find the right team, but the manager is not a fool and I\'m sure he can get a team together.
With an open checkbook, I think if the host chooses to stay, Manchester City will definitely win the league title in the coming years.
\"At a club, he may also have to deal with the desired shift, where the top six were once his target.
But this is not a bad problem.
\"I had three seasons in West Ham and we finished the game on top of Tottenham.
When I was in Portsmouth, I thought I had surpassed Tottenham as well.
They were at the bottom of the league when I went.
Of course they have not achieved much.
So when you talk about expectations, I didn\'t take over from Sir Alex Ferguson, who has won many titles at Manchester United.
\"But now it\'s expected to be different for this year\'s reasons --
I will probably get the third or second place!
\"As a player and coach, he has played for 45 years in the game and his love for football is as always.
No matter what the Spurs expect from Harry Redknapp, they will not be met for lack of enthusiasm or desire.
\"You can only do your best in life.
If it is good enough, then if not, then at least you have worked hard.
I will work as hard as anyone else.
I must be crazy. I drive up and down from London every day.
I am there every day and I can see all the reserve team games, youth games.
I like this game, that\'s why I did it.
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