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Home Improvement

by:Grade     2020-04-24
John Walcott
1990 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Ultimate Energy for background and general lighting
Energy-saving bulbs are fluorescent bulbs.
The most common type is a standard fluorescent bulb consisting of a single glass tube with a metal tip at one end.
These bulbs are usually straight, but one is round.
Its spires are located where the end of the tube meets.
The cost of standard fluorescent bulbs is usually about three times that of ordinary incandescent lamps with the same wattage.
However, depending on the standard 40-1 of the comparison, fluorescent bulbs usually produce 6 to 10 times of light for 13 times
Incandescent lamp with 40 watts
Watt fluorescent one
The main reason for the longer life of fluorescent bulbs is that, unlike incandescent lamps, they do not have filaments.
When the particles inside the electric excitation tube are called fluorescent coatings, fluorescence is generated.
Since the fluorescent lamp is emitted from a single point along the entire length of the bulb rather than like an incandescent lamp, its most effective use is the need for diffusion rather than focusing on lighting.
Good advertising position for standard fluorescent lighting is overhead (
Encapsulated in a fixture with or without a shadow, called a diffuser)
Near the upper corner of the wall.
Advertising in the latter position, soffits-
Finished wall panel or paneling-
Can be mounted parallel to the bulb to hide them while watching the headon.
By opening the space above or below the bulb, or installing a diffuser, light can be illuminated to the ceiling or wall, gently illuminating the large area.
Another good location for standard fluorescent lamps is under the kitchen cabinet.
This task can use a small fixture with a short bulb of 16 to 18 inch long.
The use of these illuminated countertops greatly reduces the amount of overhead lighting required for this purpose.
The absence of filaments also enables fluorescent bulbs to resist shock and rough handling, which is dangerous for most incandescent lamps.
So fluorescent bulbs are also a great choice for workshops, basements and garages.
But most fluorescent lamps do not work well at low temperatures.
If you plan to install a fluorescent bulb at a temperature that may be below 50 degrees, select the bulb designed specifically for the temperature that may be encountered.
The fixing device of fluorescent bulb must also be designed for low temperature;
Select its ballast (
Voltage Regulator on all fluorescent bulbs)
The rated temperature is the same as the bulb.
The quality of the light produced by the fluorescent bulb depends largely on its fluorescent substance.
The standard fluorescent body emits light from a relatively small area of the spectrum.
As a result, fluorescence is often criticized for being harsh, cold and poor when rendering colors.
In fact, the light emitted by most standard fluorescent bulbs is properly called \"cool\", making the red dim and bringing blue to white and green.
These bulbs are called Cool
White, usually labeled like this.
White bulbs are best suited for use during the day to replenish natural light.
Use in the evening or in places with little natural light, please choose warm-
White bulb, standard model which is a bit expensive.
The light from these lights is more like an incandescent lamp: it enhances red, dim blue, and brings yellow to white and green. Still Expensive
9 times more expensive than ordinary incandescent lamps
But much better than traditional cool render colorswhite and warm-
White bulb, a new generation of standard bulbs known as rare bulbsearth or tri-
Exciting fluorescent bulbs carried by lighting distributors.
They contain more light emitting substances than the old model.
In addition to the standard fluorescent bulb, there is also a compact fluorescent bulb.
These are also relatively new, consisting of a short U or two. shaped tubes (
Sometimes surrounded by glass or plastic diffuser)
Set in a base containing a ballast or inserted into a removable ballast.
The ballast includes thread ends on ordinary incandescent lamps.
This makes it possible to replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent bulbs in many traditional fixtures, including floor and desk lamps and fixtures on ceilings and walls.
Expensive compact fluorescent bulbs (
About $15 to $30)
Therefore, it is important to make sure that the bulb of your choice is suitable for the lamp or fixture you plan to install it.
For this purpose, disconnect the lamp or fixture, or turn off the power supply of the lamp or fixture, and measure the length and width of the space above the socket.
These measurements are then compared to the size of the bulb.
Please also pay attention to any shrinkage around the socket, especially the contraction formed by a wire holder or harp, for shading on the floor and desk lamp.
If the size at the bottom of the harp is too narrow to accommodate the bottom of the compact fluorescent bulb, you can get the socket extender to raise the bulb up.
At least one bulb manufacturer also manufactures bulbs with grooves on the side of the base to accommodate the harp.
Unfortunately, clips are not accepted for compact fluorescent lamps
In shades, they cannot be used in fixtures controlled by conventional dimmer switches designed for incandescent lamps.
In order to get the longest life span from all fluorescent bulbs while saving the most energy costs, it is reasonable to use them and turn them on for at least a few hours at a time.
Advertisements that often turn on and off fluorescent lamps shorten their life.
However, since the cost of replacing a premature failure bulb is lower than the cost of operating it unnecessarily, it makes sense to turn off the light when it is not needed, even if it is only a few minutes.
A version of this article appears on page C00004 of the National edition on October 18, 1990, with the title: Home improvement.
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