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by:Grade     2020-01-21
Sujata Dugar visited the legendary Niranjan Hiranandani of Mumbai real estate and his wife Kamal at their malabal Hill residence, and found that the east and west of Twain did in a hiranjan Hiranandani and his elegant wife Kamal.
Classical, modern and minimalist, each style has a fair presence in six cities
They are located in the residence of the luxury Malabar mountain in southern Mumbai, the stolcanta apartment.
\"Our family has been living here for over 40 years, three generations living under one roof, and we absorb the different tastes of the owners to adapt to the Times,\" Jing explained --
Niranjan Hiranandani, a well-known real estate developer and managing director of Hiranandani structures.
The son of this distinguished ENT doctor and Dr. Padma Bushan live in a common family with their parentsL. H.
Hiranandani is indeed a home with different tastes.
The fourth and fifth floors of the apartment cover an area of 5,000 square feet, each with a unique style.
When the fifth floor occupied by him and his parents exudes the charm of the old world --
Traditional and modern decoration, on the fourth floor by his younger son Da Shan (25)
It exudes the charm of fashion and modernity.
\"It\'s fun to be part of a family with different influences and have the opportunity to experience the best things in the world,\" Niranjan laughs.
A year ago, Niran sat comfortably next to his son\'s bachelor\'s mat on the fourth floor, talking about his father\'s 46-year home, named after his mother, canta, he and his brothers. late Dr.
Navin and his brother Surendra spent most of their lives.
His brother is late.
Navin\'s family lives on the 6 th floor, while his younger brother surandra lives in the city of néenne.
\"It has a lot of good memories --
I spent my childhood, my children (
Dalshang and Priya Sheila Nandani andreevara)
\"I grew up here,\" he recalls. \"every corner has its own feelings and emotions. we all like to live here . \".
Although in Powai and his brother Surendra created a large town called Hiranandani Gardens and was responsible for changing the skyline of Mumbai forever.
Today, their towns have not only residential and commercial parks, but schools, hotels, shopping centers, customer interaction centers and hospitals, all managed by the Hiranandani Group.
\"Our job needs to travel to Powai every day, and because the distance is too far, we stay once or twice a week.
However, the family must be accompanied by family and friends.
\"There is a sense of belonging in this place,\" he revealed . \".
Sunlight through the glass wall through the glass window through the white translucent curtain, cream-
The colorful walls of the three-bedroom apartment shine naturally.
Designed by Vistasp and Priya Khatau, senior colleagues at Talati & Panthaky associates, the spacious and minimalist living room is full of cream
Color De Sede leather sofa from American design center, linear center table, large plasma TV screen displayed on blank wall and interesting soft light, the space here is spacious, low-key and elegant.
Emphasizing the beauty of space is a subtle touch of color-
An impressive blue lampshade touches the ceiling, giving the space a sense of drama.
\"I like to hang out here, explore the lifestyle of the younger generation, and relax by clicking the button,\" he commented . \".
This is his son\'s technique.
The savvy figure is well reflected in the way he uses space.
Just click on the remote control button to pull or pull the curtains, turn on the lights, turn on the TV in any room, and even create mood lighting according to personal preferences or occasions.
With his son Dashan being in Dubai most of the time, he is dealing with the Hiranandani Group\'s entry into the international market by building a new 90-storey building
Lifestyle Residential Building-23 Marina —
Father Niran, who is considered the tallest residential building in the world, has luxurious space.
\"I like to entertain my guests here, or relax while watching movies,\" Niranjan admits . \".
In addition to the beautifully decorated bedroom, the apartment also has a movie corner that is properly called \"den.
Dark blue walls, wood floors, sunken black leather sofa and 7 feet movie screen
With a home theater system and sound effects, this place is an ideal place to enjoy movies.
The adjacent bar just adds cold-out environ.
In sharp contrast to the smallest theme occupying this space is the traditional theme, on the floor above.
About 15 years ago, architect Chandrashekhar Kanetkar designed four
The bedroom apartment has rich, gorgeous and traditional decorations.
In this part of Hiranandani\'s home, an old world charm filled with heir artwork greets you.
In the background of a paintingto-Orders for Pune-
This ornate living room and dining room sits on a wall, defined by teakwood cabinets, filled with porcelain statues and antiques collected during family trips abroad, marble statues, ceramic vases and custom madedesigned jade-
The colored table base adds elegance.
\"We keep most of the original decorations and artwork because they are timeless and bring a sense of familiarity,\" explains his wife Kamal . \" Wearing a white crochet skirt and a top with a colored silk pink scarf looks very beautiful.
Really, for her. laws —89-year-old Dr. L. H.
Hiranandani and his wife Kanta, the charm of the old world definitely gives a sense of familiarity, and the family makes sure it doesn\'t change.
Absolute spic and span, the overall decoration masks the fact that it has not been touched in the past 15 years.
However, Kamal has very cleverly introduced new elements into the decoration, bringing a certain novelty and new attraction to the space without disturbing the larger space.
The white leather sofa, table base and open terrace next to the living room prove the new add-onons.
The couple loves nature, and their living space and terraces are dotted with many potted plants that enrich the surrounding environment.
Not a staunch believer in Vaastu or feng shui, this is Kamal\'s own mantra for adding positive feelings to the family.
\"A home should be functional and have a life --
In the factors of feeling and comfort, \"feel Kamal.
She doesn\'t like to design a near-perfect clinical look for the interior at home.
Despite the busy schedule
She is responsible for the sales and accounts of the Hiranandani Group and has time to take care of the family lawn.
Niranjan gave full evaluation and a lot of appreciation to his wife Kamal\'s efforts, who believed that his wife\'s \"contribution to the family was enormous and puzzling.
\"As he crosses the skyline of Mumbai, his heart is still safely located in this space he calls home. 1)
An impressive statue made of Dholpuri stones stands at the entrance of the apartment on the fifth floor of Hiranandanis.
Like decorating several other pieces of art in their home, the sculpture was purchased 20 years ago from Etcetra, a former store in Pinakin Patel.
To have stone carvings decorate your home space, please contact Tresorie at 60 A, Santa Cruz Link Road (W)
Mumbai: 400 054
Telephone: 2660 80422)
The living room on the fifth floor exudes a traditional atmosphere.
A glass front teakwood cabinet showcases the artwork, porcelain displays and Swarovski collected by the family over the years on a trip, and is the culmination of the living room.
Marble bust statues, statues, large porcelain vases and murals in Pune
The artist especially praised the color scheme and decoration of Hiranandani\'s home, adding some gorgeous elements to the whole space.
A large dining table with a glass fusion base, looking like a branch of a tree, is customized
Designed according to Kamal\'s idea.
This, along with the teakwood chair, adds some richness to the decoration.
The reason for Kamal is: \"We constantly incorporate new elements into the interior of our home, not just to bring some freshness to the whole place . \".
The white leather sofa on the other side of the living room, along with the glass windows on the wall to the wall, leads to the recently completed open terrace, indicating the idea. 3)
The minimalist decor of the living room on the fourth floor, which happens to be the bachelor pads of Niranjan and Kamal Hiranandani\'s son Darshan, cleverly highlighting the presence of a soft blue lampshade shaped like a vase,
The lampshade is made-to-Orders in Mumbai
It highlights the beauty of cream
Color leather sofas purchased from the American design center.
De Sede sofa is also known as \"Yingyang\" due to its unusual design, which is integrated with the overall decoration.
Designer sofa and accessories Contact: Yantra, Queen\'s Building, Talwatkar Marg, Ghanshyam, Mumbai.
Tel: 2200 3621/22/234
A gorgeous window design that is complicated in the motherof-
Pearl mosaics are typical of the Persian art of the Mughal period, decorated with corridors leading to the fifth floor apartment of Hiranandanis.
The Jharoka frame, against the walls of white marble tiles and wooden bases, reflects exactly a part of the interior of the apartment --
Classical and Old World
It was bought 10 years ago from an antique shop in Mumbai. 5)
A room dedicated to relaxing and watching movies is exactly the living space that young Darshan wants.
Therefore, his bachelor\'s mat on the fourth floor has a movie room properly called \"den\" filled with 7 feet screens, dark blue walls, wooden floors, black sunken leather sofasof-the-
Art home theater system with acoustics.
A bar room adjacent to the study has the most delicious wine and wine to spend a cold night with friends.
This happens to be Niranjan Hiranandani\'s favorite place, and whenever he finds time, he likes to pick a DVD from his son\'s vast collection, watch movies on the big screen and work with himself
In addition, a separate movie viewing space allows him to watch freely what he wants, and he has the option to watch whenever he wants, rather than infringing his wife Kamal\'s saas-
Lake BA is serialized. 6)
A set of three, big-
Carved from the roots of a tree, winged wooden eagles decorate the living room of Hiranandanis in their fifth floor apartment.
This impressive wood product was bought seven years ago while traveling in Bali.
Brown wood products highlight the white walls in the background and the white leather sofa at the front.
Contact details for purchase of wooden artwork and home decor items: Good Earth, Raghuvanshi Mansion, Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel. Phone: 2495-1954 / 3840.
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