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hot property: adam levine and ellen degeneres make music in the housing market

by:Grade     2020-01-18
In recent years, no two people have been as prolific in the real estate market as Adam Levin and Alan dejerness.
So it is appropriate for the two to get together to reach an agreement.
Levin and his wife, behatti princello, sold their property in Beverly Hills to degenis and her wife, Porcia de Rossi for $425 million.
Built in 1933, recently renovated, two solemn
Story with over 10,000 square feet of living space, custom steel
Window with frame and two kitchen.
Other features include a number of wet bars, a screening room, and a gym.
5 bedrooms including guest house and 12 bathrooms surround the living space.
Outside, the scenic estate has entertainment space in the form of a built-in-
BBQ and fire pit. An oval-
The pool is shaped under the terrace.
Other places on acres
A tennis court and green are also provided.
After purchase, DeGeneres and De Rossi are the latest to add celebrity ancestry to the property.
In addition, Levin and the Association, former chairman, the traditional-
Style home was previously owned by Max Mutchnick, creator of \"Will & Grace.
Before munchnick, it was home to tennis star Pete Sampras and actress Bridget Wilson.
The 40-year-old Levin recently announced that he will not be a coach in the singing competition series voice since 2010.
As the lead singer of pop music, he won three Grammy Awards
The chestnut rock band.
DeGeneres, 61, won several Emmy Awards at the 2003 premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Last year she and
Created and produced \"Big Little\" with Steve Harvey.
Derossi, 46, has TV credits including legal drama Ally McBeal and sitcom Arrested Development.
Kurt Rappaport, the West End real estate agency, handles both ends of the transaction.
Sometimes you want to make it.
Screenwriter Peter Casey\'s work includes sitcom Cheers, wings and Fraser, whose custom homes in Lake Toluca are sold for $7. 998 million. Traditional-
Style home is located on an acre of grounds, comedian-actor W. C.
There used to be a home in field.
The former field residence was cut into sections and moved to Sylmar in 1993, where it was used as a childcare center.
The existing house designed by Thane Roberts was completed in 1995. A two-
The story entrance with sweeping stairs is 6,602-square-foot interior. The lake-
The formal living room features exquisite styling, fireplace and hardwood floors.
Solarium with wallto-
Living area of wall has floor to ceiling windows.
Dark wood paneling and art plaster ceilings create a visual interest in the library/study room, where there is another fireplace.
The chef\'s kitchen features two islands and a breakfast room.
And a glass-
Closed wine cellar. A multi-
There are 6 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms with room master suite with double closets and fireplace. 5 bathrooms.
Outside, the vines wrapped in vines add to the atmosphere of the restaurant. A stone-
Facilities such as swimming pool and spa, Lakeside Lounge area, fireplace and lawn are available for guests. Casey, a seven-
Time Emmy winner, who worked as a writer in the Jefferson family before creating and producing dozens of episodes of \"Cheers.
He continued to cooperate.
Create Fraser with writers
Producer David angle and David Lee
Joy Denton of Sotheby\'s International property holds the property.
For a popular former actress, Priscilla Presley, he couldn\'t help but fall in love with the quick job of selling a family home in Brentwood. The 1949-
Early-built homes were listed for $3.
65 million, the offer was received 10 days later. It sold for $3.
8 million, $150,000 more than the asking price.
She has been owned by Presley since 1976, and three years ago she divorced rock king Elvis Presley.
Her mother, Ann Lilian Wagner, has been using the story house for decades. Beaulieu. The corner-
Lot property has approximately 2,500 square feet of living space, four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
There is a beam ceiling on the top of the living room and a fireplace.
The kitchen opens to a covered dining terrace.
Outside there is a concrete terrace surrounded by a swimming pool.
The slopes are covered with lawns and mature trees.
Two more-car garage.
Hilton and Jonah Wilson of Hailan held a listing ceremony.
Cindy Ambuehl compass is a buyer.
The 74-year-old Presley married Elvis Presley from 1967 to 1973, after serving as chairman of Elvis Presley.
As an actor, she appeared in the film \"Naked Gun\" and \"golden age\"
Time TV soap opera Dallas”His off-
Season Plan: Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons hopes to be in Bell-Air to a close.
After paying $10, two years.
9 million in a modern home near the West End, he put the property on the market for $13. 5 million. Spanning three-
The modern farmhouse, which covers an area of about 12,000 square feet, has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.
Though the interior remains the same, Parsons is at 2016-
Build the manor by adding a basketball court to the backyard.
The outdoor space is wrapped in a hedge with covered patio, lawn and zero
Edge pool and spa with LED lighting.
Living space in shades of black and white, which includes two
Story foyer with double stairs, indoor-
Outdoor living room and smooth painted kitchen.
Go ahead and have a stylish family room with a wine bar and wine cellar.
Upstairs, a master suite under an arched ceiling has one of five fireplaces.
On the second floor, there is also a gym and movie theater with tiered seating.
30-year-old Parsons has played eight seasons in the NBA and has been in the rockets and Mavericks until he plays up to four seasons.
The 2016 deal with the Grizzlies was worth $94 million.
Jade Mills, a corderwell banker\'s residential brokerage, owns the listing.
Bow to it-
Singer Haley Duff finished the finishing touches on a home sale in Studio City, selling her charm --out two-
More than 3 years story. 172 million.
Traditional door
The stylish home was built in 2016 and has been extensively updated during Duff\'s ownership with five bedrooms, six bathrooms and approximately 5,000 square feet of stylized living space.
The barn door of the restaurant slides on the railing outside.
The formal dining room features an arched ceiling, fixed by a solemn fireplace.
Custom cabinets and spacious island/breakfast tables highlight the updated kitchen. Bi-
Folding doors open to covered patio and plaid-
Dining area in the backyard.
A lawn, mature trees, a saltwater pool and spaacre lot.
The property was sold for $3. 195 million. Duff paid $2.
House 0. 695 billion in 2016. The 34-year-
Old is known for her TV roles in \"Lizzie McGuire\" and \"Seventh Heaven\" as well as in the movies \"Napoleon explosives\" and \"Material Girl.
In addition to the TV show, Duff also hosted many cooking and cooking competition shows, including the \"real girl kitchen \".
She\'s the actress\'s sister.
Singer Hillary Duff
Linda Ferrari of Keller Williams Real Estate is a public agent.
Kelly Berkman Lewis of Douglas Elliman represents the buyer.
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