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Housemaid thought she\'d cleaned up by stashing £4,000 of her Russian bosses\' money in her knickers... but she was caught on hidden camera

by:Grade     2020-04-25
A housekeeper was spotted stealing from her employer after being photographed stuffing 4,000 in cash into her underwear.
A Russian couple installed a hidden camera in their bedroom as their savings began to disappear from \"safe hiding place --
An envelope by their bed.
30-year-old neva Nevzorova and 35-year-old husband Evgeny (from krasnog, Moscow, western Russia) watched the video, and they were shocked by what they saw.
When they noticed that their savings were decreasing and the camera was installed, the Nevzorova couple initially became suspicious.
Mrs. Nevzorova said: \"At first it was just a small number and we thought we might have miscalculated it.
But then we found out that more people were missing over the next week.
\"We realized it might just be a maid, so we set up a hidden camera to see what she was doing.
The video showed their maid, Iraida Vasilyeva, 36, throwing an envelope and wallet on the bed and then she opened the envelope and wallet and took out a bundle of cash
Shocked parents said that while the couple\'s children were lying in bed, vasiliva began digging on the bedside table.
Once, a video caught her stuffing cash in front of her underwear.
Then someone saw her trying to relocate the cash in her pocket and bulging pockets in her crotch before going back to the bedside table and taking out another piece of money.
She also put it in front of her underwear before going back to buy more.
A police spokesman said she had taken 250,000 rubles in total. £4,000)
When the baby is lying in bed, she hides most of it in her underpants.
She now faces two years in prison.
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