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How about Grade Lighting R&D team?
Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd. has an R&D team currently made up of several professionals that have many years of experience in the industry. They have skills, expertise, and creative mind. They are passionate and dedicated to developing new products according to the market trend. And they strive to technology improvement and innovation, not only in order to reduce the costs and time of the product but also to achieve eco-friendly and sustainable production by reducing waste. We will continue to invest in building a stronger R&D team.

Grade Lighting is an experienced and enthusiastic manufacturer of living room ceiling lights in China. We have accumulated years of industry knowledge. The custom pendant lighting series is widely praised by customers. The independent design of custom pendant lighting provides guarantees for our own brand promotion at the source. With a high transmittance lampshade or diffuser, it generates uniform and enough brightness. The product meets rigorous quality standards across the whole industry. The finish can be treated into brushed nickel, gold, copper, and antique bronze.

Grade will adhere into the firm belief of being a global custom floor lamps exporter.
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