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How about the ODM service flow?
From detailed communication, to product design and a finished product, the ODM service flow of Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd. is highly recognized by customers at home and abroad. Well begun is half done. We pay attention to the detailed communication to ensure the customer's exact needs before bulk production. From material selection, customized design to a finished sample confirmation, each ODM service flow is strictly operated by us.

Grade Lighting is recognized as an expert in manufacturing custom floor lamps. We mainly provide high-quality products and manufacturing services. The table lamp series is widely praised by customers. If you can provide drawing for custom pendant lighting, Grade Lighting can design and develop for you based on your requirements. Made of LED chips rather than incandescent bulbs, it does not contain mercury, lead, or cadmium. With the previously mentioned characteristics, the product is ardently loved by decoration engineers, home designers, and architectural decoration designers. The arrangement of LED beads enable it to be designed flexibly to different shapes.

Grade shares a fantastic dream of being a global custom pendant lighting producer and wholesaler. Please contact.
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