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How many employees in Grade Lighting?
With our workforce growing virtually by the day, Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd. presently has a large number of employees. We have set up several departments including sourcing department, design department, R&D department, and customer service center covering the whole supply chain of our company. For example, rich in knowledge in the interior structure and external design of swing arm wall lamp , our designers are creative and always keep close to the latest trends of the industry. Their combined efforts attribute to the appealing appearance of the products.

Grade Lighting has been providing bedside table lamps for years. We are acknowledged for our outstanding products and customer service. The ceiling lamp series is widely praised by customers. This model of table lamp is efficient and durable thanks to the design of bedside table lamps. Built with a heat sink, it does not accumulate heat inside. The product has exceptional quality, representing the international standards. The finish can be treated into brushed nickel, gold, copper, and antique bronze.

The Grade brand has been cultivating the persistence of employees. Inquiry!
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