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how not to fix a leaky camper roof

by:Grade     2020-01-04
Zach Bowman sold everything he had.
2003 Dodge Ram and his family are on the road.
There are three members of his family, including his wife Beth and their little daughter.
They are traveling, working and discovering in the US and sending regular dispatch orders from the road.
There is no doubt the sound of air escaping.
The sharp hiss indicate thousands of headaches.
Beth put her window down and took pictures as we meander along the Lingshan, The Rock barely a mile from downtown Cody, Wyoming.
Trucks swing in low range, slow but dramatic loggingfree.
Brandon and the Rockets lead in their west, making up for their lack of drive wheels with careful motivation.
Then the noise came.
Probably a route.
One runs on the vehicle tank, or one of the two hanging airbags on the rear shaft.
As we reached the top of the cliff, the sky was tumbling, the muscular clouds swelled in the sky, and were pushed in the cold and fierce wind.
The weather broadcast warned thunderstorms and gusts of 50 miles per hour. We set up camp.
I had a beer and then burned the trash from dinner trying to cook our chicken tacos before the rain came.
Brandon fell into his own disaster.
The temperature outside is around 40 years old, and Westy\'s propane heater is not in the mood to warm the cabin.
Complaining about the blockage of the burning entrance, it changed.
It was dark when he pried out of the fridge and entered the heater.
I can hear the curse in the wind and the buzz of scraping the burnt food wreckage into the bag.
I recognized the expression on his face as a combination of hunger, anger and fatigue.
He is over and ready to reduce his losses.
Push things back and snuggle up with dogs for warmth.
Normally, traveling in a group is a deterioration.
More scheduling. More egos.
More opportunities for communication mistakes, unconsciously wound.
That\'s why I prefer to make my circle smaller and wrap myself in self-reliance lies.
But it\'s not just eating together, it\'s not just talking, it\'s not just other people our daughter is chasing around in the weeds, these moments are the reason we need to be around each other.
\"Have you tried to put some air in it? ” I ask.
Brandon looked at me.
I can see the tunnel vision elevator.
He\'s too close to that thing.
The same mode of thinking is bare. “No.
This is a good idea.
\"When I put my thumb on the open air pipe, he lit the compressor.
It creates pressure, and when I release it to the inlet of the heater, a thick brown dust, a gathering of hundreds of dirt roads, drains the exhaust gas.
Brandon sat down and bent over his hunchback where his refrigerator usually slept.
In the end, clean air will come out.
When he hooked everything up and pressed the switch, the van was full of warmth. Success.
Don\'t forget to sign up for the competition. The smallest victory can bring great benefits to morale.
I have forgotten everything about my leaking air line and the rain is good enough.
Quito was asleep before Brandon buckled everything, so Beth and I went to the top of a hill in the dark.
We looked down at the burning Cody net below, and the Owls and Coyotes whispered around us.
All this small.
9,000 souls shine in the dark, and each soul has its own worries.
I just want to keep that view and keep it when I\'m too close to my troubles to see what they are.
It is small in the grandeur of our world.
I remember our air route five minutes before we left for Yellowstone the next morning.
The bed on the driver\'s side was unstable and the air pressure gauge confirmed my concern.
Dead flat on the right.
As I crawled in the dirt, I asked Brandon to put some air in it, hoping to find somewhere along the way that the line of the bag was broken or broken.
Instead, the air poured out of the bag. Bad? Meet worse.
Sitting on the shelves of the parts store, you will find that this is not a thing.
I have enough reception to send S. 0. S.
Manufacturer hell wig.
Tell them where we are and what we are doing.
Try not to sound as desperate as I am.
We\'re going to Jackson, I said.
There is a camper dealer there and he should be kind enough to accept overnight shipments for us.
I can\'t blame airbags.
Over the last eight months, we have put this device through a new hell.
More than 19,000 miles, many of them on the ground dug.
They weren\'t trying to put up with the shaft connection I asked them, and the Wyoming laundry board that recently ran for more than an hour finally did that.
I can see its friction position on the spring package.
To my shock, I got a call from Hellwig within an hour.
Not only can they find the parts for us, they can also find solutions to prevent the problem from happening again.
Jump into a bag with a smaller diameter.
Doing so will reduce the weight capacity by 400 pounds and 2,800 on the 2,600 side, which means that there is no replacement but two bags.
It is worth mentioning.
I\'ll give herweig the address.
Beth called the campers dealer only to find out it was closed for a week
They went out hunting. Christ.
The sound at the other end of the line says, don\'t worry.
They shared the space with a detail store.
Someone should come and accept the package.
We dragged our tail in a truck and raised our nose across Yellowstone.
The dolphin, like a spring horse on the playground, swings forward and backward.
Making a truck like this is always a balance.
Stability is directly opposed to instability.
Road capability, where the clarity and soft spring rate are king.
When I put the rig back in Knoxville, I sat down and was honest with myself.
The fact is that reaching any trail in this country means too much time on the tarmac.
I put it together, first of all for the safety and stability of the road to the ground, to be able to reach the dirt in the distant second.
It was raining when we worked in Jackson\'s direction.
The towering tons of iron around us define our vision, their Saw --
A mountain of teeth that has been covered with snow.
The Sun passes through the dark clouds in some places, shining on the fields between us and those mountains.
The golden light of autumn illuminates their leaves.
It\'s Beth\'s birthday tomorrow. Her 30th.
We stopped at Jackson to celebrate with gifts, pizza and beer.
By the time we made the ice cream shop, Kiddo had collapsed completely.
It was another long day for her.
There\'s nothing to do but throw our dessert in the trash and go to the camp and hike from town to Curtis Canyon.
It\'s 10 degrees cooler than the town, and when we find an empty place, the sky becomes evil again.
I flattened the truck in the roaring wind and listened to the clouds tearing myself apart.
There\'s thunder, but it doesn\'t sound like thunder.
Not like I know.
It sounds very likely.
No boom and bellow.
That\'s the disgusting, crazy electric sound. I can feel it.
We are a wide and empty bald head, nothing higher than the waist --
Height of 300 yards or more.
The bones of the trees that were hit stood here and there, and their gray wood was burned from the Long Woodpast strikes.
The voice of self-protection cleared its throat in my mind, just in time for the pouring rain on the mountain behind us.
No time to say good night to Brandon and Lee.
We all take refuge as fast as we can.
They are going to Boise in the morning.
Visit With Your Family for a period of time and rest for a few days.
We look forward to slowing down.
We made a quick meal, fed the baby and let her go to bed.
When the rain was serious, Beth climbed into the upper bunk and beat the roof with an evil that we hadn\'t heard for eight months on the road.
It\'s a worry, but it\'s a precious thing to be warm and dry, the three of us together, alone in the wild.
I wrote for an hour or two and then got up and went to bed.
I hadn\'t been in bed for 20 minutes before Beth started walking around.
\"There was something dripping on me.
Condensation, I think.
This happens sometimes.
Cold and humid weather can make the aluminum structure of the campers sweat.
We turned on the lights.
Not condensed.
The roof is leaking.
Before dripping onto the pillow, the fat drops gather in the spots. Fuck.
I was angry that I didn\'t do better when I installed the solar panel stand in Maine.
Beth is not worried as usual.
She dug out the shower curtain.
It is recommended that we peel off the sheets and place the pillows on the other end of the bed.
Everything is covered with curtains and a few towels on it.
By the time we finished, the rain had stopped. It’s 3:00 a. m.
At 5, we heard the van start and drive down the hill.
I was lying there trying to remember to look down on Cody.
It\'s not the worst thing to think about water.
We\'re all safe and warm.
This is not what.
In five hours, we went back to the city center, took something from the hardware store and went to the campers.
We found it hidden behind a grocery store and stuck in an alley.
I found out that Bobby, the owner of the detail store, talked to a customer about his 73-year trip.
There was a strong defender lurking in the corner, and the second was hit.
Lightning across the store.
Obviously, I found my man.
I told him what happened.
Please give the truck some space.
Stop leaking and replace the airbag once the UPS truck appears.
He was a saint and pointed out a position in front of us.
Beth spent most of her 30 th birthday sitting in a truck and showing our daughter thousands of movies she had seen, while I was making a loud noise at our idiot\'s house.
I found a few places where it was possible to get in the water, pulled out the fasteners, re-sealed everything, and re-installed them in time for the airbag to arrive.
They came out, a little convinced, with so many old pieces of dirt and corrosion unique to hard English.
I trimmed the Air Lines and plugged everything in, and to my surprise they were still supported.
No hose can be used to test the roof, but more rain is needed in the weather.
This is a question of waiting.
We don\'t have to wait too long.
We found another camp and walked up from our first one.
No language for how gorgeous it is.
The clouds brew from the creases on the shabby Ridge behind us, and the low clouds suck out the bottom of the mountain and return to town.
The air was urgent and cold enough to pierce my lungs.
Before leaving to join the gray sky, my breath stayed in the air for a while.
After dinner, it began to rain when I packed the table and the stove.
For a while my efforts on the roof seemed to work.
The ceiling is dry.
Although we were very tired, we had already gone to bed before 9: 00.
Early in the morning, Kiddo woke up herself, and when Beth got up, she put her feet into a small, cold sea.
I think it\'s about the way we Park.
The tilt of the truck moves the water to the center.
Let it not fall on our bed, but on the square in the middle of the floor, where it comes together.
It rained all night.
There is nothing to do now.
Kiddo is still crying in bed. It’s 5:00 a. m.
She will never go back to bed again.
Her cry was a siren to a lone coyote sitting outside the truck.
In response, its sound goes through the thin wall of the campers, just as there is nothing between us.
A wild dog wants to know what we did to our poor puppy.
The two of them barked back and forth for 10 minutes, while Beth and I dropped a pot at the worst drop of water and wiped it clean as much as we could.
When Beth finally got Kiddo, she was happy to point to the quick filling jar.
\"Wow,\" she said, clapping her little hand. It breaks me.
We calm her down.
Turn off the lights and take her to bed with us.
Don\'t sleep too much, just have to be quiet for a while.
Consider our choices.
Soon, the temperature dropped despite the heat rising.
I turn over, flick the water heater, wait for something to light up. It doesn’t.
Our first propane tank has been drained.
I got up, dressed, and walked outside to the gray dawn, only to find that the aluminum steps of the campers were covered with smooth and damp mud.
It\'s not just rain that\'s snowing all night.
Heavy and wet things pushed on the roof.
The hills around us are covered by it.
I can see the frost pine Cypress on the dark edge.
As I crunched to the side of the truck, swapped the tank, and walked back, the coyote we were worried about was calling to the fog.
I could see him on the edge of the light and his chin turned to the sky again and again.
He sounded like a bag, and his leaves echoed in the trees behind me.
Call out to someone, anyone. For food. For warmth. For help.
I went back inside and turned on the heating.
Pour the pot of water.
We were all tired and tired of the long days on the road and two full sleepless nights. I need time.
Plenty of room to dry, rest and work on the truck.
Fix the leak correctly.
I hate asking for help, hate being a burden, but we can\'t stand another wet night.
I put down my pride, picked up the phone and made a plea.
Call someone, anyone for help.
She said a friend had a cousin in town through marriage.
Haven\'t seen her for years, but she has an open holiday rental for us if we want.
A truck with a driveway big enough.
Her cousin knows someone who can help fix the roof.
It feels like a miracle.
The overwhelming gift of a perfect stranger extends in the thinnest Association.
For the lies of self-reliance, there is no more acute rebuttal than the importance of killing your pride to embrace a larger circle.
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