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how the living room came back to the heart of the home... as a life/work zone or party hub

by:Grade     2020-03-18
Over the past few decades, with the rise of openness
Planning a life, the kitchen has always been the center of a family home: whether we are cooking, eating, entertaining or relaxing, we are in this place most of the time.
But research released this week by John Lewis shows that the focus is shifting and the living room is becoming a new center for family life.
Department stores surveyed more than 3,400 of customers, and more than half said they were in the living room most of the time (
Or the living room, or the lounge . . . . . . More information later)-
Twice as many people as those who say the kitchen is their mostused room.
The reasons for this can be explained in part by various factors, from changing tastes and lifestyle trends to the state of the real estate market, notably, how many of these factors have only recently taken effect.
As Philip princelo, director of home design at John Lewis pointed out, \"our living room is affected by housing prices, technological changes and changes in decoration
The growth of families.
For many people, house sharing and leasing has become a new lifelong norm, the living room is usually open-ended, and more of us work from home.
So we want more living rooms than ever before.
\"According to this study, the way we shop for the living room has also changed dramatically over the past five years, and one of the most significant changes is one of the three rooms --piece suite.
The report seems to indicate its death: on its website, only two percent of the search was for matching suits, which caused the store to stop selling them --made entirely.
It is still possible to make cohesive furniture on a custom basis, but the fashion that does not match the furniture means that they are rarely needed.
Now the velvet sofa with accent chair has taken over (
Often use a wide arm to rest the laptop);
The feature wall has given way to wallpaper or strong paint colors on all four walls (
Even ceiling);
The walls of the gallery have replaced individual works of art.
Few people need a media unit to store cd and dvd when we play music and movies;
Huge TV screens of up to 70 inch are becoming the norm;
With Alexa telling us the time, the mantel or wall clock has become the past.
Sonia Solicari, director of the Geffrye family museum, agrees that technology has had a huge impact on how we use the living space: \"Previously, when everyone had a large PC, you need to be in a separate workspace, but for now, you can have a person sit on the couch, hold a laptop, have someone else read, or play a game.
She also pointed out that the living room has become a more equal space than in the past: we are less likely to have special chairs for certain family members, as more and more of us use small screens for work and entertainment, teenagers are more likely to share the space with their parents.
The room you\'re talking about obviously depends in part on your age: Millennials call it the living room, the middle-aged call it the lounge, and the older tend to call it the living room-strange traditionalists still call it the living room.
What you do in it also depends in part on your life time: the most popular way of life
There is no doubt that room activities include watching TV and reading;
But among the people surveyed, there were people working in the living room, and 61 people used it to do \"life management\" on the phone or computer, and it is controversial that half of them were
21 of them want them not).
Interior decorators agree that the way it is designed and planned is changing no matter what you call it.
\"It has become a very important room,\" said designer Suzy Hoodless, who is currently designing a room for clients in Albany, central London, including a separate seating area and a study.
\"There are different features in every corner of the room,\" she explained . \".
\"There is a very comfortable corner sofa here to relax; a high-
Reading in an armchair by the fire;
A corner with a game card table and a piano.
Learning area is floor-to-
Books on the ceiling, a large table and an armchair.
\"The\" partition \"of this space is to handle multi-function, hard-
Working space, especially in an openplan home.
John Lewis is running a pop music company.
Over the next 10 weeks, the space at the Oxford Street store presents different styles of living rooms, with design advice from experts at any time.
Here is how to determine your taste and Decorate accordingly.
Flexi family space as the average house shrinks, there is very little room for families to have separate playrooms, so if you have young children, there is a good chance that you will share your seats with them and their entourage.
A practical sofa is essential.
While leather decoration, which used to be the mainstay of a family home, is now in decline, it is good for washable loose covers and stains --
Wear-resistant fabric (the new high-
Technology velvets can be surprisingly powerful).
A large patterned carpet is also a key factor, with plenty of storage space available, whether it\'s a fitted cabinet, a modular shelf or a large basket.
Meditation and meditation are new trends in interior design, the living room should be a TV for some people
Free space to practice yoga, reading and quiet meditation.
If it\'s you, look for a calm, neutral palette, and a mix of natural textures such as linen, wool, cashmere and Rafiya --
This place is not suitable for conflict mode.
A large soft carpet is perfect for here.
Perfect for a place in yoga nidra)
, So is the low bed for reading or taking a nap.
The leafy house plants add a little soothing accent color. The hard-
With the reduction of dedicated spaces, most of us need a living space as a learning and/or eating area.
Again, from a zoning Point of View: Surprisingly, you can squeeze into a room with clever furniture arrangements.
Consider placing larger items such as sofas in the center of the room rather than against the wall;
It will provide more space for the desk area and the shelf (
A large storage basket or box that can sweep the working files into it at the end of the day will help prevent confusion).
When not in use, you can push the extensible table into the corner and put a lamp on it;
The dark corner can be a comfortable reading corner with comfortable chairs, side tables and task lights.
The use of separate, smaller carpets helps to divide different areas.
For those with a separate kitchen/dining area, the living room can be an adult
Enjoy the space of night activities in the dark
Walls, velvet seats and lighting and furniture with metal finishes.
Cocktail carts, chairs, and tables are all popular, and whether or not you plan to have a complex evening party on a regular basis, this is the look you want.
Reflective surface-
Mirrors, metal and marble
The black furniture is the key to offsetting the vitality of the dark space, while the dark wood furniture will enhance the rich look.
After all, maybe the best place for the party is not the kitchen.
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