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how to add a plugin cord to a fluorescent light fixture

by:Grade     2020-01-10
Adding a plug to a fluorescent lamp Strip fixture is a cheap and easy wayit-
Your own project.
It increases the versatility of the fixture as it is easy to relocate.
In most cases, the length of the fluorescent light strip is as high as 8 feet.
Fluorescent fixtures are designed for hard wire applications or wires and plugs.
Adapted fixtures mounted directly on the ceiling or chain.
Remove the cover of the fixture to enter the interior of the fixture.
Remove the lid by twisting the clip or locking one end of the mechanism.
Remove the knockout plug from the required position on the fixture.
Standard fluorescent strip fixtures usually have knockout plugs on each end and on the back of the fixture.
With a pair of long noses --
Cut the pliers to punch, then twist and remove until it is out of the fixture. Insert a 3/8-
Inch Roma®The connector enters the knockout hole.
Ensure the safety of Dragon ex®Connect to the fixture with a lock nut.
Tighten the lock nut with a pair of needles-
Point pliers or tap with a flat screwdriver and hammer.
Insert the end of the power cord through ROMEX®Connectors that allow enough wires to connect to the fixture.
Tighten the clamping screws on ROMEX®Connectors for fixing wires.
The type of wire used for this project depends on its intended application.
There is no ground on the standard light line, but it works.
To increase safety, especially in wet areas, use wires and plugs with ground surfaces.
An extension of the building is ideal.
Just cut the receiving end of the wire with a long nose side-cutting pliers.
Peel off the insulation from the wire to reveal the green black \"normal\", White \"neutral\" and ground. Next strip 1/2-
Insulation inch of each wire on the wire and the wire on the fixture.
Wiring connection.
Twist the black or normal wire from the wire to the black wire on the fixture or a set of wires and fix it with a wire nut.
Repeat this step for white or neutral wires.
Most fluorescent lamps do not have ground wires.
Instead, they have a green ground screw mounted directly on the fixture.
Twist the ground wire off the wire around the grounding screw and tighten it with a cross screwdriver.
Install the lid, insert the bulb into the fixture and test it.
If the fixture is not working, remove the cover and check the wiring connection.
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