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How to Change a Hanging Lampshade

by:Grade     2020-03-11
The suspended lampshade or lampshade can be replaced with a new model to bring a new look to the light.The hanging lampshade has two styles-In order to replace the bulb, it is necessary to remove and allow the replacement of the bulb.In either case, you can quickly and easily replace the suspended lampshade in a few minutes to fit your style and the decor of the room.If required, place a ladder under the light to reach the fixture safely.Turn off the light switch and unscrew the light bulb on the lamp.Position the three mounting screws above the shadow and fix the shadow or globe to the fixture.Hold the shadow with one hand and loosen each of the three screws with a screwdriver or pliers until the shadow is released from the fixture.Lower the shade and put it aside.Slide the new shadow over the lamp holder onto the stand.Fix the curtain in place with one hand, tighten the three mounting screws with one hand, and then tighten the screws (no more-Tighten with a screwdriver or pliers) to the bottom of the shadow.Replace the bulb and test the fixture at the switch.Turn off the light switch.If required, place a ladder under the light to reach the fixture safely.Fix the curtain in place with one hand and loosen the trim nut at the bottom of the curtain with the other hand.If the nut is not turned, loosen the nut with pliers or screwdriver.Pull the shade downReplace any bulbs as needed.Place the new shadow under the bulb and slide the mounting hole of the shadow over the threaded nipple of the fixture.Keep the curtains in place and tighten the trim nut by hand.If necessary, gently tighten the nut with a screwdriver or pliers to fix the lampshade on the fixture.Turn on the light switch to test the light.Stepladderscrewdriverpli the new lamp head does not work or remove the bulb without turning off the light switch first.
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