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how to clean an antique chandelier

by:Grade     2020-08-09
Like all chandeliers, antique chandeliers need to clean up dust and dirt once in a while.
The same principle applies to cleaning more modern chandeliers, although you have to be more careful when dealing with old chandeliers.
Unless it hangs in a particularly dusty place or finds smoke or other contaminants in the air, antique chandeliers do not need to be cleaned more than once every 3 to 6 months, it also depends on the type of crystal found on the chandelier.
Some crystals reject dust, while others attract dust.
There are several different ways to do this if cleaning is required.
Method 1 if you have just purchased your antique chandelier or it has not been cleaned for a long time, the best way to clean it is to remove the crystal and clean it separately from the chandelier itself.
It is important to make sure that you are able to put the crystals back in the same place they came from.
To achieve this, you can draw a chart yourself, or you can use the so-called trim chart, if the chandelier of a particular brand is still there, or find the person from the manufacturer who you bought the chandelier.
It is important to put the Crystal back in place.
Once the crystal is taken out, it can be cleaned with warm water instead of hot water with mild dish soap, rinse it clean, then dry it with a soft and clean cloth and put it back on the chandelier.
Method 2 if the crystal and/or chandelier is not too dirty, you can clean the chandelier by installing the crystal.
Clean them up.
You can use a cleaning solution of acetone to three parts of distilled water.
Distilled water does not contain any mineral contaminants and does not leave any stripes.
Similarly, alcohol will mostly evaporate without leaving any residue.
You need two white cotton gloves.
Moisten a glove with a clean solution and you can wipe each crystal.
Quickly track with a second dry glove and wipe the solution clean from the crystal.
Depending on how big your chandelier is, you may need a few pairs of gloves to get the job done.
It is important, especially when cleaning an antique chandelier, not to use a chemical cleaner that will ultimately reduce the finish of the chandelier.
Ammonia is a chemical that should not be used on a chandelier.
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