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how to clean hard-to-reach light fixtures

by:Grade     2020-01-11
Question: It is impossible for us to have two lamps in our house.
One hung on the ceiling of the cathedral and the other on the stairsstory entryway.
Very dirty (
A bowl is shaped like an upright one, so dust will gather in it! ).
We found that there was not a ladder high enough, we were all afraid of heights, we were not chickens in spring.
I have called various handyman and other companies but no one is willing to clean up these fixtures for us.
Can you recommend someone? --
Arlington answer: you can clean the fixtures with a duster on a telescope stick.
Professional models are up to 30 feet, although you may need to purchase these products by surfing the Internet, visiting cleaning supplies companies or asking hardware stores to make special orders.
Some duster are designed to clean fixtures including fans.
To do a professional cleaning, try kryypclear (703-944-2066, www. Krystalclearllc. com).
The company is recommended by Burgess lighting company in ferfax, using ladders, scaffolding, and even occasional use of telescopic lifts to reach very high lamps.
The company is specifically responsible for cleaning the crystal chandeliers, which can charge $500 for large chandeliers that are 5 feet high.
Lower cost for simpler fixtures.
Waleed Osman, the owner, said he could not give a rough figure because the cost depends on the traffic.
It takes at least three people to install the scaffold, so the cost is relatively high.
However, the company does provide a free assessment.
If the cost of cleaning is beyond what you pay repeatedly, you may want to install an electric lift so that you can lower the fixture that is within reach by pressing the button.
Aladdin light elevator (www.
Aladdinlightlift. com)
It\'s a manufacturer.
However, the elevator is not cheap;
The total cost, including electrician work, can reach $1,000 or more.
You can also consider replacing the Bowl fixture with a telescopic stick with a bowl fixture that is easier to clean.
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