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how to get started towards a low-energy lifestyle

by:Grade     2020-01-16
Nowadays, most people are fully aware of the need to start developing ecosystems.
Reduce friendly habits such as energy consumption.
The trouble is that the head was slammed with the \"green\" command!
\"It\'s as helpful as being reprimanded to lose weight.
We know it might be (
Oh, okay, almost certainly)
The right thing to do, but not
A man who likes to be preached, in any case, it seems to be a great effort, and frankly, as a Chinese philosopher, where to start
\"The Journey of a thousand miles must start in one step\" and switch to low, Tze said
Energy lifestyle worries, the first step is not much simpler than replacing some of your energy --
Waste incandescent lamps for LED lighting.
Just like any first step, you want to make sure that your initial efforts produce tangible results, otherwise you will feel frustrated and give up before you actually start.
Therefore, choose a room that meets all these features: the lights are used more than other rooms;
The number of lights is reasonable;
In any case, it may benefit from a lighting renovation.
For many people, the room for most boxes is the kitchen.
It is often considered to be the center of the home, so it gets a lot of use and often contains a lot of lighting, and once you see what LED kitchen lights can bring to the party, you \'d love to give it a try.
What you want to do is one or two of these two things:)
Replace the existing bulb (
Or lights because they are correctly called)
The LED version produces light of the same level and quality; and b)
Use additional LED lights to increase your existing lighting.
The main lighting of many modern kitchens uses halogen lamps, whether embedded or mounted on rails, which are easily replaced by GU10 LED bulbs.
You just pull the old one out.
Pick it up and actually use it much more expensive than buying it)
Push the new forward
If you happen to have a low
Instead, the voltage system is also suitable for MR16 lamps, but you should also replace the 12 v transformer with an LED driver.
If you have lighting inside, above or below the wall cabinet, then replace them with LED equivalents again, and if you don\'t, then now is a good opportunity to install some.
This is where the LED stripes really belong because they are light weight, easy to install, very bright and do not heat up.
If you \'ve never seen LED lights in your kitchen before, then it\'s definitely going to happen and coving and/or floating board lighting will be a novelty and you may also be tempted to install.
Just try to avoid the idea of turning to kitchen lighting that starts to resemble the flight deck of the spaceship --
Sometimes, less is more.
Finally, please remember about low-
Energy LED lights. Quality counts;
Cheap led is a fake economy that will eventually disappoint you and cost more than a high-priced \"brand\" product.
High quality LED lights have not been widely used in retail stores yet, but are easy to find online
Be sure to stick to specific brands that have good consumer reviews and are sold by reputable dealers (
They also regularly provide warranty for their products).
Don\'t be scared by the purchase price.
The real cost of lighting is the operating cost, not the price of the lamp, which is not too much emphasis.
A typical domestic LED Currently lasts more than 50,000 hours, and the cost of running in all times is roughly the same as the original purchase price, the cost of using ordinary halogen lamps in the same period is about 1,000 times the purchase price of a single lamp.
Then, simple math tells you that even LEDs that are 10 to 20 times more expensive than traditional lights provide amazing savings over time.
Different views on LED lights.
With incandescent lamps, a 100 watt bulb can be installed in the middle of the ceiling to effectively illuminate the room (
It looks terrible but bright enough for use).
This is almost possible for some of the latest led gls bulbs, but this is not the real way to take advantage of this technology. Low-
Energy LED lighting is the most effective when you assign a light source, in other words, using a series of separate units and changing the color and brightness.
The trick is to look like an interrogation room (100 w bulb)
Or a cave illuminated by thousands of candles (
Too many underpowered led).
You have it anyway;
Take these initial steps without sacrificing anything, an easy way to reduce energy consumption.
At the same time, you can expect economic benefits and be quite proud of your contribution to a more sustainable future.
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