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how to hang a chandelier from a sloped ceiling

by:Grade     2020-01-09
The chandelier is a beautiful addition to any room, but it can be a heavy long piece and it\'s hard to hang from the reclined ceiling.
The chandeliers need enough support to stay in place and must be placed carefully so that people and the items below them can stay away from the light.
Whether the chandelier is suspended on a sloping ceiling or a flat ceiling, safety must be the main consideration.
Weigh on the chandelier, or look up the weight information in the lamp\'s file and write this quantity with pen and paper.
Measure the length of the chandelier and write it down.
Find where you want to hang the chandelier and measure the amount of space you have from the ceiling to the floor.
Subtract the length of the chandelier from the first measurement to ensure that there is enough gap between the light and the floor for people to move around;
The room above 6 feet is ideal.
Mark the position of the chandelier installation on the ceiling with the tape of the blue painter.
Measuring ceiling junction boxes or J-
Box, you will use it in your project.
If you are installing a chandelier to replace an existing fixture, then J-
The box will appear. J-
The boxes contain all the wiring connections required for the chandelier to run the power, they are designed in different models and support a limited weight.
You know the weight of the chandelier, so make sure you have a proper J-box.
Cut a hole in the ceiling according to J-size
Box using drywall saw.
Insert the mounting rod through the hole.
The mounting rods are expandable, so they are self-contained
Support within the hole.
Turn off the power supply of the fixture at the breaker box.
Connect the wires on the ceiling to J-
Fix the box on the mounting bar.
If you are not familiar with wiring fixtures, please hire a professional electrician.
Install the chandelier to J-
Box and mounting lever.
For easy installation, the rod will have screw holes.
Your chandelier may also be equipped with hardware for auxiliary installation.
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