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how to install an all-purpose crossbar for an electric lighting fixture

by:Grade     2020-01-09
Each ceiling light fixture has a beam attached to the electric box.
The fixture is then connected to the beam and the box.
For old houses with old crossbars or heavy-duty fixtures, it is a good idea to install the new crossbars.
Many old crossbars can support 50 lbs.
However, the weight of many electronic lamps can be doubled (or even triple)
What can the old crossbar hold.
To ensure safety, install a full
The purpose crossbar keeps your fixtures safe and looks great.
Turn off the main power supply of the room from the circuit breaker to ensure safety.
Use the plane to screw down and remove the canopy of the old fixture
This will give you access to the bar and the electric box.
Use the plane to twist the bar from the electric box
Now you can remove the old fixtures completely.
Unscrew any wires that connect the old fixture and the electric box.
Screw the new crossbar into the electric box using a flat panel
Install new fixtures normally.
Pull the new canopy to the ceiling and make sure it\'s with the new beams.
Adjust the pipe of the fixture.
Screw in the lock nut with your hand and tighten it into the crossbar.
After the lock nut is fixed, add the bulb to the fixture and turn on the power again.
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