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how to install crystal chandeliers

by:Grade     2020-08-10
If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home decor, consider buying a crystal chandelier.
They are stylish and elegant and are a great way to light up the room!
Crystal chandeliers are also easy to install as long as you know what you are doing.
Take a look at the instruction guide below and you will soon see a crystal chandelier.
First, collect all the tools you need or may need :-
Wire nut/connector-Collar nuts -
Iron plate-
Threaded joint
Mounting strap-Stud -Hickey -Practical knife
Circuit Tester-Two pliers (
Unscrew the chain)-Long-nose pliers -
Insulated screwdriver
Multi-function tools now you have your tools to power off the circuit you are going to work on.
If you get an electric shock before you leave, you won\'t make any progress.
Obviously this is the best project to do during the day as you will have a lot of natural light, but it\'s wise to have a flashlight on hand and even a strap --on head light.
If there are lights on other circuits in the room, you may work at night.
Once you\'re sure your circuit is running without power (
Using circuit tester)
Take down the old stuff.
If it is a large fixture, please recruit an assistant to support its weight when disconnecting the wire.
When you remove the fixture, pay attention to how it is connected so that you can connect the new fixture in the same way.
Then replace the junction box (
The circuit connects the box around it).
If the current step is strong enough to support the next crystal chandelier, the step may be optional without removing it.
Once any junction box you use is in place, screw the hardware to the mounting belt.
There should already be a mounting belt, but if not, use the one that comes with the chandelier kit or buy one at the hardware store.
Now is the time to start wiring.
I hope you will pay attention to the connection method of the previous fixture.
This part can be as simple as matching colored wires, but it can be more tricky, and in this case you will do everything you can to make it easier.
Pass the wire through the last link of the chain, then through the support nut and collar nut, the esscut plate, and through the lamp nipple into the junction box.
Connect the wire to the home wire with the wire nut and splice the black hotline from the junction box with the wire nut.
Then connect the white neutral wire.
Connect the ground wire to the ground screw in the junction box and complete the installation using the instruction manual of the chandelier. Look at that!
You are now the proud owner and installer of the crystal chandelier.
Enjoy this moment!
Take a photo of your good job and post it on Facebook!
Soon, your friends will ask when you can come over and install chandeliers for them.
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