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How to Make a Homemade Stained Glass Light Box

by:Grade     2020-04-04
The stained glass light box is an important tool to view and select the best color for any stained glass item.
The light box enables you to see the appearance of the color of your choice in the transmitted light.
The light box makes it easier to determine the best combination of color, texture, translucency and pattern direction.
When you cut and shape these parts, you can also put them on the lightbox to make sure the final layout looks as planned.
Measure and Mark 1/4 from the long edges of each 1-1by-6-
An inch of wood.
Twist the four molded parts along the Mark 1/4 from the edge to the appropriate size of 1-by-6-inch boards (the 40-
Inch to 40-inch 1-by-6, the 20-
Inch molded to 28 3/4-in the middleinch 1-by-6).
This provides a shelf for glass or plexiglass. Screw the 1-by-
Use 6 planks together in the corner, using the builder\'s square to make sure the corner is at 90 degrees.
When the box is formed, place the short side inside the long side. Attach the 2-by-
4S each corner of the short side with screws.
Set aside 1/4 at the top to match the molding edge.
Measurement and cutting 2-by-4-
30-inch rectangle for each cornerby-40-
Inch plywood suitable for legs.
Install the plywood to-by-
6 pieces of wood are screwed in place.
Paint the inside of the box White and let it dry.
Connect the fixture to the inside of the box along the bottom.
Drill a hole and extend the wire to the on/off switch or power strip attached to the outside of the box.
Place the glass on a molded shelf.
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