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how to make victorian lamp shades by candy arnold ...

by:Grade     2020-08-05

In the Victorian era, lighting was mainly from natural gas.But with edison GmbH improving the design of incandescent lamps in 1879, Victorian families began replacing gas lighting with electric lights.This change became the catalyst for shielding the various lampshades of dazzling bulbs.Elegant shades decorate the table lamp and floor lamp imported from Europe as well as the crystal chandelier.The light bulb makes it possible to sew well under the bridge light in the living room at night.The tradition of hand today-The sewn lampshade continues, with expert tips and sewing techniques.When buying or restoring the lampshade today, remember the design of the lamp holder.The curved tone works best with the curved light and the angled tone.Lamp holder with harp, Bridge lamp, floor lamp with glass bowl, chandelier, headboard, lampshade available at night-Lights and more.Shading racks can usually be recovered or new shading racks can be purchased.An antique frame is stripped and covered with rustFlame retardant and recycling.Over the years, various styles have been designed.Interestingly, all the frames have names.Since flowers play such an important role in the Victorian decoration scheme, many flowers have names such as tulips and daffodils.The frame is then wrapped with cotton twill tape, enabling the manufacturer to sew the fabric to metal.Packaging with correct tension is an art that can produce both high quality products and inferior products.Intricate patterns made of metal wire connections create small windows.Each window (panel) has satin, silk or other beautiful fabric.Although high-quality domestic fabrics are often used now, many people choose imported fabrics similar to those of Victorian exquisite homes.One of the most popular special effects is the goprosette program.Here, the flower theme is repeated again by sewing techniques, resulting in roses-like puffs.Usually, they are combined with folds or shirts that finish the look.Another way is to \"fan pleats\", a pattern reminiscent of fans that Victorian women use to cool themselves down.Lace or burn-Velvet is usually sewn out on adjacent panels.The curtains are finished with braids, lace, ribbons and special decorations.Trim by sewing or hi-appTechnical adhesive (not hot glue ).Fabulous hand-Finished finishing work with stained stripes or matching tassels of sparkling beads and zippers.A quality hand-The sewn lampshade will last for many years due to proper care.
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