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how to make your living room more inviting

by:Grade     2020-01-03
Comfort is key.
Is your living room fully functional, but not as attractive as you think.
There are several easy ways to make it feel more like a room you really want to go. 1.
Don\'t let TV be all you have
Time focus.
Like a smartphone, TV can stop talking.
Don\'t let your TV take away your precious social relationships.
If you have space at home, move the TV to another room, like a study room.
In this way, you can live in your living room whether you are chatting with your other half, children or friends.
If your TV has to be in the living room, consider hiding it behind the cabinet.
You can also insert it in part or all of it into a niche or built in
In and add doors. 2.
Floating furniture anchor.
If your sofa sits in the middle of the living room, fix it with a sofa table so it doesn\'t look like a floating island.
This will make the region look more structured and substantive than something that seems to be missing.
You can put one or two lights on the table to create a reading point that is not appropriate for the side table.
In addition, a sofa bed can keep your eyes away from the ugly interior trim seams on the back of the sofa or the leather of the smaller grade.
Ideally, the table should be a little lower than the back of the sofa.
The much higher table looked a bit uncomfortable and could hit the back of the head. 3.
Embrace the softer side of nature.
Smooth and polished surfaces feel hard and their reflections cause eye fatigue
Not the kind of hospitality you want to enjoy in the living room.
The texture will bring you a visual warmth and a richer tactile experience.
If you like the stylish look, don\'t think you need to add textures with country style themes.
Look for thick woven fabric for furniture and throw away pillows, linen or fabric wallpaper and natural fabricfiber carpets.
Linen is also a good choice.
Please note how the padded table captures the light beautifully.
Natural materials like wood, and even some animal and plant references, add warmth and tranquility to your space. 4.
Add some curves for inclusion and comfort.
Curves are more intuitive than straight-line shapes.
They are round and soft, and often make us feel more protected and comforted.
This creates a quasi-circular shape for the curved sofa, promoting inclusion.
Finish the other side on one side, so the sofa is not feeling cut off, which makes the conversation easier.
It is true that curved sofas are not common or practical in many rooms.
However, you can introduce curves in other ways, such as on the rolling arm, the rolling back, and the rotating leg.
Modern American medieval furniture design tends to be organically shaped with gentle contours. 5. Rest your arms.
The arm sitting too low on the couch and chair is the thing I hate the most.
Sit down and test before you buy furniture to make sure not only the arms but also the height, depth and rear corners are fairly comfortable.
The last thing you want is a sofa or chair that looks good, but you will avoid it because it is uncomfortable. 6.
Avoid installing fans right above the seat.
Ceiling fans are cool in the summer and improve the air circulation in the winter for heat distribution, but spinning the blades on your head is mentally uncomfortable.
Even if they are safely anchored, many people will feel uneasy sitting right below them.
Placing ceiling fans in the center of the room, as shown in the figure, but on the circulation space and even the coffee table is a better way. 7.
Maximize Greening for better health.
The decoration of the room was gorgeous, but the violin figure in the corner left a lasting impression. It’s well-
As we all know, plants are good for our health.
Improve our mood and clean the air.
It is also good for a relatively small investment, which also adds a lot of natural beauty. 8.
Aim at the flexibility of lighting.
Similar to wearing multi-layer clothes in winter, layering the curtain pane on the curtains in your living room to maximize the light, which will make you more enjoyable to use at different times of the day and year, and a variety of activities.
The curtains also softened visually.
Add style while the Venetian blinds have an edge look.
The flexibility of artificial lighting will also make your life in the living room more comfortable and diverse.
Add a dimmer to the top light and make sure there is enough desk lamp near the seating group.
Your combination can include overhead fixtures such as desk lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers or pendants, as well as wall washers and wall lights. 9.
Wrap yourself up
Comfortable accommodation is perhaps the simplest and cheapest living room accommodation option.
It is used heavily by guests who may not fully appreciate your communication environment in winter, or even in summer.
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