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how to pick the perfect chandelier

by:Grade     2020-01-13
Looking for some good ideas on how to choose a chandelier?
Consider these tips for choosing fixtures that suit your room ratio and family style.
When choosing a chandelier for most spaces, how to choose the diameter of the money Cabinet, a general rule of thumb will give you a good guide to choosing the size: room width (in feet)
Room length (in feet)
= Diameter/width of chandelier (in inches).
For example, if your room is 14 feet long and 10 feet wide
Inch diameter chandelier looks proportional (
14 feet 10 feet = 24 feet, you convert it to inches).
This is a common rule that can help you to maintain the proportion of the chandelier according to the size of the room.
It would be better for me to have this rule as a starting point rather than a hard one, but it certainly helps to set the minimum size.
If your light is concentrated in the seating area instead of the entire room, use the approximate length and width dimensions of the area, not the entire space.
Another way to calculate is to increase the length of light emitted from the nearest two walls, and then double it to get an approximate chandelier diameter in inches.
For example, if the center of your seat area is 7 feet from one wall and 8 feet from the other, 7 feet 8 feet = 15 feet;
15 feet x 2 = 30 feet, converted to inches. So a 30-inch-
The diameter fixture will be a good fit.
Since you have the width and diameter of the fixture, you will want to choose the vertical size of the fixture (
Not just above the height of the ground, but the actual topto-
Bottom size of unit itself).
To choose the vertical size of the chandelier, the classic rule is to take the room height (in feet)
And multiply by 2.
Get a good range from 5 to 3 (in inches)
Vertical ratio of light.
So if you have 8 rooms
Foot ceiling, which means your chandelier should be about 20 to 24 inch from top to bottom. (8 feet x 2. 5 = 20 feet;
8 feet x 3 = 24 feet.
Convert to inches and get 20 to 24 inch. )For a 10-
The ceiling of the feet, 25 to 30 inch will be a better ratio to fit. (10 feet x 2. 5 = 25 feet;
10 feet x 3 = 30 feet.
Convert to inches to get a range of 25 to 30 inch).
The higher the room, the more you can make mistakes at the high end of the formula.
As for the height where you hang the chandelier above the floor, you want at least 6 feet 6 inch so that no one hits their head.
The standard above floor 7 feet is suitable for most spaces where the ceiling is above 8 feet.
However, if you use the standard 8-
Foot ceiling, you can\'t hold 20-to 24-
According to the previous rules, the inches of light at this height.
For this reason, and since many modern chandeliers do not use the same shape as traditional ones, I would say you can safely throw 2 chandeliers. 5-to 3-
Times are highly excluded, focusing on width if your situation requires.
For spaces with very high ceilings, hang the light 8 feet above the floor (
Add one more foot if the room is above 12 feet).
You can also look at the lights hanging in the layers to fill the height, while also landing at a low enough level to help make the space below feel more intimate.
At a more normal entrance
Height ceiling, keep in mind that the lamps and lanterns must avoid door swing.
Placing a light in the entrance foyer can be beautiful, but you may want to choose a small pendant or a flush --
Install instead of the real chandelier to avoid any collisions.
The dining room chandelier at the dining table has some special considerations.
First of all, it should be low enough to create an intimate atmosphere, but still not in the way of anyone.
It\'s a good rule to hang it at the bottom of the table 30 to 34 inch above.
And make sure it\'s not wider than the table
At least nothing low enough to get someone to hit the head.
From the vertical view, the chandelier is best onehalf to two-
The length of your table is thirty to create a good proportional balance.
If you are using a modern style chandelier in a thin linear or branch shape, choose onethirds to four-
The length of the table is 50, so it doesn\'t look too small to hold its own table.
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Set the width of the table neatly.
If the light is too wide, it is likely to make the table look small and awkward, and if it is rectangular, the parts may look disconnected.
For small round tables (say, a 48-
One-inch table in the breakfast corner)
The light can be smaller and doesn\'t need to look at it, so feel free to choose something smaller and keep looking a little lighter if you want.
Remember the drama and DemureKeep when adjusting the size is not the only problem;
You should also consider other decorations in the room.
For rooms with rich wallpaper or other busy patterns, the chandelier with complex details looks just right.
In a softer space with a lot of white walls or neutral material, a simpler, smaller fixture would be more appropriate.
The exaggerated proportions so far, the rules and tricks I have listed are perfect for choosing fixtures that follow the classic proportions.
However, the recent lighting trend is to reduce the proportion of these classics and choose oversized lamps instead of calculating them through large-scale drama.
Hanging fixtures have become the natural focus because of their central position in the space and the simple fact that they glow, so if you really want people to say \"Wow, it makes sense to expand their scale.
Of course, the scale of light still makes sense for the space in which it is located, but, acting cautiously and choosing a larger fixture, rather than using it safely, causes the eyes --
Capture the results.
This is especially true for simple modern fixtures with simple contours, such as light lines between blurry chandeliers and large pendants.
Ventilation minimalism takes a different approach from excessive lighting, and another huge trend we see is ventilation lighting, which may technically be large in diameter, but includes
Sometimes, the best way to get people to listen is to whisper, and sometimes, the best way to make a visual statement is to use a minimal or ventilated fixture that you can\'t help but notice.
Such lighting has become more accessible through the continuous development of LED technology, which makes continuous curves and other streamlined profiles that can never be re-formed
Made from traditional bulbs.
The lights in this trend are almost empty than the actual ones, which allows them to be mounted on large sizes without appearing heavy or interrupting the room.
This is especially important in the study space, where there are many bright white and windows to create a quiet atmosphere.
Warm and soft gold
Tone metal is still a huge trend, and the best we see in many homes is a softer form of gold, which is less \"blurry\" and more dignified.
\"Soft\" may mean a variety of things, from ancient finishes to subtle brass tones that are not as bold as true gold.
In any case, the tone of the metal remains subtle so as not to appear fancy or flashy and choose a more timeless delicacy.
Also popular are fixtures with gold sheet metal, so the material is present but not overwhelming.
This works especially in other places to pick up spaces like metal tones, such as in small accessories, frames, and even in fun, stylish gold cutlery.
The appearance of the sculpture you can use a basic fixture to illuminate the artistic elements of your home, or you can make the fixture a work of art.
The lamps that look like sculpture installations are fashionable now, but also as timeless as any great art.
Inspired lights from natural forms such as oversized leaves are particularly popular as they are linked to classical architecture and exotic destinations, bringing a secular appeal to the room.
The fascinating sculpture shape can be a good way to add some extra oomph to the fixture without increasing the scale, which is good in a tighter room, where
For example, under a low ceiling, in a tighter dressing room).
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However, the lights and shades can be made with many materials, so consider using the lamps as an opportunity to add new attractive textures to the room.
Lighting in tactile, organic materials can completely change the atmosphere of a room.
Whether you want to fight hard surfaces in modern space or already have a lot of attractive textures, adding more textures to the palette usually doesn\'t hurt.
The chandelier is an unexpected place.
In addition to the texture of the space, a great lamp can also bring a certain color.
And they don\'t have to be completely confined to neutral tones.
Like a carpet, a great colored chandelier can bring the accent tone into the center of the room in an unexpected way, showing a lot of personality.
Keep in mind that the fixture is not as easy to switch as the accent paint color on the wall, so choose a safe-
Fantastic blue is a nice long toneterm choice.
Old and new mix old and new ideas are far from a new idea, but it becomes stronger every day as a trend.
People are more exposed to many different decorative styles than ever before through the Internet and blogs, and they want their home to have a little bit of everything.
Traditional lighting can give a rich and solemn feeling to the modern family, but the opposite combination can be equally beautiful.
The modern or medieval style of light is combined with traditional furniture, giving the room a little edge and incorporating the present in the right way.
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