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how to spot a fake crystal chandelier - 5 tips

by:Grade     2020-08-10
The crystal chandelier has the magical ability to create an elegant and warm atmosphere no matter where it hangs.
Because the lighting of your home is a fundamental factor, it makes sense to use it to create and increase the atmosphere of any method you decide on. Well-
The lighting will instinctively bring life and vitality to the reception room you want.
Clean the TipsAt first, and it seems terrible to clean the crystal chandelier for a variety of reasons.
First, they are usually placed on the ceiling.
Second, the gorgeous design of the chandelier makes it a delicate fixture for proper cleaning.
When cleaning the crystal chandelier correctly, follow these steps :-
Set up alternate lighting.
Make sure you set up another light source because you won\'t be able to use the crystal chandeliers when cleaning them. -
Make sure the chandelier is powered off.
If the crystal chandelier is turned on, it can be dangerous for you. -
For example, cover the bulb with a sandwich bag. -
Put a sheet under the crystal chandelier to prevent the liquid from falling on the floor. -
Mix a solution consisting of a portion of acetone and three parts of water.
Spray the solution and let your crystal chandelier dry.
When you finish drying the crystal, take off the sandwich bag.
How to tell if the crystal on the chandelier is fake
Crystal light fixtures are great in an apartment or early home as they are affordable.
However, if you prefer real crystals, how do you find decent quality from all sorts of fakes and tears
Is it sold out there? 1)
It should be noted that: just like buying a diamond, you will find a diamond that is clear, pure, finely cut, and in good color.
Look for spots with no flaws, no inclusions, bubbles, or roughness.
The surface must be smooth and the crystal should not have a gray or green casting. 2)
The lead content of the Crystal does not mean how good it is.
Some manufacturers often add lead to the glass, making it softer and more plastic, and because of the interaction of lead with light, it adds excellent prism, sparkling effect. 3)
All the crystals are glass.
It is difficult to distinguish between good water Crystal and fine crystal.
Schonbek crystals sell many of their fixtures in two grades: Spectrum, a good but lower
Crystal and Stras are the best.
The cost of the spectrum is half.
However, when they all hang on the ceiling, it looks like there is almost no difference, \"thought one crystal chandelier analyst.
Check the crystal quality from the manufacturer or ask for advice from reputable home decoration dealers. 4)
All crystals start with liquid poured into the mold and then polished with hands, machines or fire. Fire-
Polished crystals, also known as molded crystals, are the cheapest.
The face on the glass is not so brittle because the mold is burned by melting.
Hand and precision
The machine cuts to produce a clearer face.
Considered the best Swarovski crystal in the world is a machine-cut. 5)
When cleaning the crystal, do not spray the cleaner directly on the fixture.
Buy some white cotton gloves or soft cloth.
Spray the glass cleaner on the hand with gloves and wipe the crystal.
Crystal dealer Schonbek Beers added that it is cleaned frequently.
\"If it is not clean, even the brightest Crystal will be like plastic.
Crystal Chandelier
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