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ikea urgently recalls ‘falling’ ceiling lights

by:Grade     2020-03-16
Falling glass can hurt customers.
Source: APIKEA urgently recalled two popular brands of ceiling lamps after reporting that the glass cover fell and caused damage.
\"Ikea has received reports from customers about the drop in the color tone of the lock and Hyby ceiling light glass,\" the company said in a statement . \".
\"There is a safety hazard if the lock and Hyby ceiling light shadows drop.
The company received 224 reports of global incidents, including 11 injuries. com.
No injuries were reported in Australia.
Lock and Hyby ceiling light.
Source: \"Ikea attaches great importance to product safety.
\"All of our products have been tested to comply with applicable test standards and regulations,\" the statement said . \".
\"Nevertheless, we have received reports of the fall off of the lock and Hyby ceiling lampshade.
To protect customers and avoid further product recall incidents.
\"Lock ceiling lamps are sold in Australia from 2002, and Hyby ceiling lamps are sold from 2012.
Ikea has yet to say how much the product sold.
Ikea stated that the customer should immediately refund the ununinstalled lock or Hyby light and refund the full amount.
Ikea says customers should contact customer service for more information if the lights are already installed.
\"Customers should not remove the product themselves,\" the company said . \"
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