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in living color

by:Grade     2020-01-05
I gave it to an animation artist to imagine a color.
A 15-foot-
Long-lived submarine
The size of cartoon characters and electronic disco balls are aligned with the serious collection of modern art.
\"We tell our architects to be the most imaginative, wild and crazy house you \'ve ever dreamed ,\"
Chairman of Klasky Csupo Studio and an animated artist whose work includes Rugrats, The Simpsons and wild samberis.
Csupo and his wife Bret hired Los Angeles architect Aleks Istanbullu to transform their 1950 ranch
Stylish villa on murholland Avenue.
Only Clover-shaped pool--
Legend has it that esther Williams used to swim there. -
Remains of the original structure.
Standing in its position is a three. story ultra-
Modern house directly out from Toonville.
The architect designed a red ladder box leading to the living room.
\"This is a funnel before you get inside,\" he said . \".
Inside, the winding modern light fixture hanging from the ceiling shows the blue ripplemetal roof.
Audio-visual equipment turned the living room into a lively disco.
\"The room was really great,\" said Istanbullu . \".
\"The music is so loud that you can feel it.
\"The modern show at the disco spins the colorful beams of stars, flowers and hearts to the wall.
When the mood of dancing rang, the coffee table rolled out conveniently. The big sofa was divided into the island lounge, which was very suitable for watching movements.
\"We like to have fun,\" says Bret, a singer, songwriter and poet.
In the adjacent room, the home theater takes 15-foot-
Wide screen and luxurious theater armchairs.
Their entertainment library includes nearly 20,000 DVDs, CDs, laser discs, videos and records.
\"It\'s like going to your music store, it\'s just a lot better,\" said Istanbullu . \".
In the center of the living area, an 18-story staircase is surroundedfoot-long koi pond.
The submarine floating above and three giant wooden fish marked the site.
\"This is really the heart of the House,\" the architect said . \".
\"You have to pass the pond to go anywhere.
\"The first floor has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a media room, as well as the couple\'s two offices and a large library of movies and music.
On the mezzanine upstairs, there is a large family room with a cantilever balcony overlooking the living room.
The children\'s room is right under the lobby, while the master bedroom suite and living room and gym are on the third floor.
In a golden retriever, mini greyhound, Persian cat, 12 koi, four sea turtles, an aquarium full of tropical fish and a house where four children live (
9 months to 18 years of age)
The master suite is a quiet oasis where the couple can relax.
Gabo compares the decoration with Frank Zappa\'s work.
He likes to mix all kinds of styles. -
Classical Jazz Lounge.
He came up with a new form of music that has never been heard before.
\"So is the home of Csupos.
They decorated a collection of art pieces found on trips abroad, flea markets and Hollywood Boulevard Wacko\'s.
Works by Picasso, Mattis and Dali include carved Indonesian characters, Indian Buddha statues, streamlined modern characters, Hungarian movie posters and cartoon characters.
\"I like all kinds of things,\" said Garbo, a Hungarian . \"
\"Whatever is the best ---
Past, present or future.
\"While Istanbullu originally envisioned a subtle color scheme for the modern interior, the palette of Csupos is brighter.
\"We walked around the house and painted colors on different walls,\" Bret said . \".
Outside the lobby, children\'s bedroom doors and service areas are painted red, blue, green and orange.
\"As artists, we love color,\" Gabo said . \"
\"It\'s boring to keep all the walls white.
\"Outside, 2 1/2-
The acre estate overlooking the San Fernando Valley is a lush sanctuary.
Jurica nazille Cunningham design company landscape designer Sue nazille creates an exotic garden with towering palm treesfoot-
High Stone falls, a small bridge in the pool and a thatched umbrella.
The round stone outdoor fire pit outside the living room is a place where family and friends will bake marshmallows and make s\' mores.
\"We want our house to feel like our own private Hawaiian resort,\" Bret said . \".
\"Children\'s friends call the club at home Csupo.
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