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in pursuit of well‐designed table lamps

by:Grade     2020-03-25
Jane in Beijing Nissen\'s
1979 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Desk lamps are still needed in the soft and bright dining table, colorful parties and functional bright kitchen.
The city\'s retail stores offer a range of eye-catching designs that will increase the interest of the rooms and fit the lighting budget.
Perhaps on the table, next to the reading chair, or on the bedside table, what is needed is a lamp that will not only light up the room, but also serve as a well-designed addition to the dukol of the room.
Although the basic function of the desk lamp has not changed much, its form has changed a lot.
Of course, there are still some traditional bases, such as the classic Chinese ginger jar, with shadows on it.
However, the table lamp of today may also be an interesting or interesting object in itself, such as the \"Falca\" lamp of Vistosi, which is a folded circle placed on the edge (
$515. Ambienti design).
There are some reliable modern desk lamps that continue to work well in a variety of environments.
Clean Roso draftsman lights (
$40 to $150 depending on size and color);
Desktop version of the classic medicine lamp ($45 to $100)
The shape of the luminous parchment paper of Noguchi ($30 to $90)
Can be found in major department stores.
If your taste tends to the classic design, especially the traditional desk lamp, with silk or parchment, plain or pleated shades, the department store will offer a great choice.
In particular, Bloomingdale and Macy\'s, high-tech fixtures, clean lined student lights and gooseneck lamps are also in good stock, and the prices of these lamps are within a reasonable range.
Bloomingdale collected a set of baskets, including exotic ones from India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Colombia, Italy, Spain and France, prices range from $35 to $275.
Macy\'s advertised for people looking around for accessories in Art Deco mode, offering a mirror light with a suede shadow for $205.
Sloane and Lord B. Taylor
Altman assembled outstanding antiques and new porcelain lamps at prices ranging from $55 for new imports from China to $1,500 for a fine piece of porcelain in the year 00 s.
Another good source for ginger cans lovers is Oriental lampshade company (
810 Lexington Avenue and 816.
For lamps that are not very predictable, there are lighting shops.
They have fewer collections than department stores, but offer alternatives to traditional methods.
These designs clearly show that we are the most exciting in lighting from the creative Italy.
Naked, provocative, and even absurd shapes;
Industrial materials;
New fluorescent products with high efficiency and energy saving have attracted much attention.
Art and Industry (
155 Thompson Street)
Contemporary design with high quality, mainly from Italy.
Paolo Fazzata\'s \"Fazzata\" is an elegant interaction between a green or red fiberglass handle and a white globe, each at the end of a slender wand ($195).
For high tech enthusiasts, there is a light bulb in the cage at a reasonable price of $48.
Also special is the multi-functional \"Stratos\", a glowing white convex pool with black rubber edges ($135)
The service on the ceiling, floor, wall or table is just as good.
Morsa Centro Di Disegno (
182 hayster Street)
The lamp is not only visually eye-catching, but also practical.
The reiterated theme is the use of lights with components that fit into the table, wall, floor or ceiling.
While most of Mosa\'s lights are in the cool \"hard edge\" tradition, one exception is the \"Giraffa\" light in hand-turned chestnuts, which looks like a toy giraffe, the price is $325. Light/Inc. (
1162 Second Avenue
There is a selection of groups that include modern lamps collected by the Museum of Modern Art, such as \"Tizio,\" an elegant enameled wire metal rod structure that maintains a tight balance and halogen lamp for $265.
It also offers solutions at a very reasonable price, including fluorescent uline in a range of bright colored bases priced at $100.
Environmental design (
792 Madison Avenue.
Here, those who are scared by too much steel and curly rubber threads can turn to hand blowing (and expensive)
Fine craft glass.
Bright glass shades patterned like candy blocks are mounted on a simple black painted metal base.
The desk lamp designed by Italian designer Luciano Vistosi ranges from $350 to $460. George Kovacs (
831 Madison Avenue
Provide lamps with reasonable price and consistent design.
Romantic fan lamps designed from $ Vico Magistretti Ernest Gisimodi 59 folding desk lamp by ingor Maurer ($70 to $525)
This historic light shop may be as close to other stores in terms of meeting a variety of tastes and needs.
New energy-saving fluorescent lamp in white lamp ($200)
It is suitable for many decorative styles.
Advertising is the lamp Hunter of budget consciousness, who tends to contemporary Conran (
160 East 54 Street)
Workbench (
1320 Third Avenue
It is a good place to visit.
Conran, which costs $20 and $28 for the workbench, is the draftsman\'s lamp.
Don\'t skip the Lower East Side.
You need a strong heart and also a strong pair of shoes, because in the Bowery under Delancey Street, a lot of the things that are shown in many lamp shops are very bad.
But there is a lot of savings for picky and energetic people.
Not cheap, but still cheap compared to the price of residential areas, a stunning blue and white Oriental altar lamp from New York gas lighting company 15 years ago (146 Bowery)for $324. 50.
Sometimes, Foot pain is worth it.
The New York Times/Bill outlet balance light.
Green fiberglass wand, 40 W bulb.
Art and Industry, $195.
Macy\'s large decorative art mirror headlights cost $205.
Hand-blown glass pieces are on the table.
$515. Ambienti.
The George Kovacs lamp uses a 13-watt fluorescent tube equivalent to 60 watts. $200.
Conran\'s goose neck desk lamp costs $205 and has a black metal cap as an adjustable lampshade.
The antique Chinese blue and white jar has a white shirt on it. $324.
50 employees of New York gas lighting
Country Basket light with paper bag shadow.
$55 in Bloomingdale restaurant.
Energy-saving 40-watt fluorescent uline costs $100.
In Light, Inc. , the metal base is available in a variety of colors
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