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inside the very lavish royal homes, including kate middleton’s plush living room and the queen’s gold piano

by:Grade     2020-03-19
Full set with golden piano
Wendy\'s house is fully functional and these royal houses are of course suitable for the Princess to stay in.
While they are notoriously private, when they open the door to official photos, the royal family gives us a glimpse into their luxurious house for the average.
The other half\'s lifestyle is a little gossip. . .
When Kate Middleton and Prince William\'s family opened their doors to the Obamas in 2016, we got a potential peak in their home. The parents-of-
It took three months to renovate Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace before moving in
Knocking on the wall reduced the number of rooms from 30 to 20.
The Royal House in West London is tastefully decorated with cream carpets and floral cushions.
Lights and candles, as well as Prince George\'s lovely rocking chair, bring a cordial atmosphere to their living room, while gold --
The frame reminds us that this is not an ordinary home.
In addition, the current acquisition of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Princess ornini and Jack Brooksbank, Kensington Palace royal family is £ 20,000 in 1689.
With stunning painted ceilings, red walls and 16th-century and 17th-century Italian portraits, the King\'s gallery is a true gem of this solemn home.
As the Queen\'s official residence, most of us are familiar with Buckingham Palace.
Her Majesty has been filmed in room 1844 of the Regent\'s room, recently in her white large living room --
Although she inherited her golden piano, her golden piano sparked a strong reaction on Twitter.
The piano was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1856 and decorated with oil paintings and jewelry.
While the Queen is always keen to show the importance of the family, she has carefully placed photos on her annual Christmas radio, with big oak tables, white fireplaces and golden candle holders hard to miss.
The Grand Ballroom, which the Queen often opens to the public, is also a rich display --
Red Rose carpet and golden chandelier.
Built in 1703 by the Duke of Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms and is the largest private garden in London.
The Queen got the house in Wales on her sixth birthday, Y Bythyn Bach, which is not an ordinary Wendy\'s house. The fully-
Functional cottage with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom-
There are hot water, electricity and heated towel racks.
There is even a bookshelf with the story of Beatrice Porter, a mini radio and a tea set that she can enjoy with her sister Princess Margaret.
The house is located in the courtyard of the Royal Windsor Castle Hotel.
Hagrid Loff is now a country resort for Prince Charles and Camilla.
Even though Harry and Wales used to be with Diana\'s mother when they were young.
The property, located in terbury, Gloucester, was purchased by the Duke of Cornwall in 1980 and converted by Charles.
Georgian manor on 347 acres with 9 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
There are also nurseries and staff quarters.
The couple\'s home in London is Clarence House, which was taken after the summer baptism of Prince Ruiz.
Del\'s gold.
Official photos show akminster carpets lined with sofas, blue and bronze patterns and touching portraits of Queen Charles\'s mother.
Westminster Abbey, once home to the Queen\'s mother and Prince William, was on the impressive fourth floor before his 2011 wedding --
Attic and basement not included
Located between mountains and lakes, Balmoral is the Queen\'s Scottish resort, which she once called \"Paradise on the Highlands \".
The Queen usually plans to spend two months here each year, covering an area of 50,000 acres.
Cattle, deer and horses in the Highlands.
Prince Albert bought the manor in 1852, but the castle was considered too small to build a new one --
Built from a granite quarry in inverard.
It consists of two main blocks and a central courtyard with an 80-
Tower with turret on top.
For the Queen\'s winter holiday, our monarch will remain in this second-class listed estate until the anniversary of her father George VI\'s death --on February 6 -has passed.
She is always here to celebrate Christmas, though the house is considered small by the Queen\'s standards --
This means that guests often have to stay in the room of the waiter.
Photos of the royal wedding of Meghan and Halmay show the green living room of Windsor Castle.
Big Golden Mirror fireplace-
The doors, candle holders and mirrors of the room, as well as the carpet with stunning blue and red patterns, are all royal.
Built in the 11 th century, Berkshire castle is the largest-
People live, the longest
The castle occupied in the world
About 500 people live and work there.
The Queen loved the castle very much and spent most of her time there.
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