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install a lowes utilitech pro led flushmount ceiling fixture in your garage

by:Grade     2020-01-18
My house was built in 1965 and the light fixtures in the garage really show their age.
I can screw in the LED bulb and finish it, but I still have to look at the light fixture 50 years ago every day!
If you have read any of my other instructions you will find that I am a huge fan of LED lights.
I have installed one under the kitchen counter and I have installed one in the storage room outside.
I was going to do something similar in my garage, and then I stumbled across a full 22 W 1400 lumens LED light fixture at LOWES for less than $40!
This immediately changed my mind and I bought it that day & installed one of their fixtures!
You start any fixture project and you should open the package and check your fixture or fixtures.
I did it, everything was there.
I also took this opportunity to check everything over.
Impressed me.
The back panel is made of metal and may be made of steel, and the shadow/cover is some kind of lightweight translucent plastic.
The weight of the whole fixture is lighter than the cover on the old fixture.
The two plastic-placed pins hold the shade in place --
This would make it much easier to clean than the fixture I replaced because I had to come up with two cross screws while supporting the lampshade.
I was surprised that at least one tone has not been broken in the last 50 years!
Before starting any project, you should turn off the power to the branch circuit you are working on.
The easiest way to find out which circuit breaker needs to be turned off is to turn on the light and turn off each circuit breaker until the light is turned off.
You can continue once the power is safely cut.
To remove your fixture, first remove the shadow like replacing the bulb, and then unscrew the bulb.
Then check the fixture base-
You will see two screws or one center nut.
Release the parts and slowly pull down the fixing base from the ceiling until you can see the wires.
You should see 2 to 3 wires extending into the fixture base.
One is black and the other is white.
You may also have a bare or green wire.
The two wires will be connected to the two wires entering the electric box with wire nuts.
Please keep an eye on these wires and what to connect to as you will connect the new fixture to the same wire in the same way.
The connection will be: White X white and black X red white and black X White you will notice that my fixture wire connects White X white and black X red and white wires.
By twisting the wire nuts clockwise, twist them off the wire.
It is very important that any wire bundled together, such as the white wire in my fixture, be tied together.
If your fixture has a cross brace as shown in Figure 1remove it.
Then check the fixture parts and find the mounting ring and 4 screws.
The 2 longer screws only need to go through the relative holes on the mounting ring.
The mounting ring is then attached to your electric box with two shorter screws.
Two wires pass through the center of the mounting ring.
Straighten out the fixed lines and then screw them together to keep them tidy.
Then attach the stranded fixed wire to the house wire with the supplied wire nut.
In my case the wire nut is not big enough to connect the white line to the wire harness in the fixture and I have to re-
Use a wire nut I removed.
You need to know some tips when using wire nuts.
After the wiring is completed, plug the solid wire into the electric box so that they do not hinder the fixture.
Very important: You see, there are only two wires in my electric box.
There are metal boxes in my house.
The safety ground wire is connected to the electrical box and the safety ground of my fixture will be connected by the mounting screw.
If your house is new enough to have a plastic appliance box, the fixture you remove will have the third ground wire attached to the wire from your box, or the safety ground wire will be attached to your old fixture Mount bar.
To be on the safe side, it is important to connect the third ground wire to the third fixed ground wire or the new mounting ring!
The last step is to hang the fixture from the long mounting screw, tighten the screw, install the lamp cover, turn on the power and enjoy!
I only have three fixtures to go. . . . . .
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