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Interiors: furnish your home in style... without breaking the budget

by:Grade     2020-04-28
If you are renovating your property to sell, rent or simply live in it, it doesn\'t cost much to look good.
Nicole Swengley is looking for fashion for half the price of a credit crunch, which means that few of us move home or make major renovations.
However, it is possible to refresh the interior of your property even if the budget is limited.
Any search for high-
The style designed at the lowest cost should be found in the supermarket\'s home collection.
For example, Asda sells a smooth black mushroom lamp for £ 15 (above right)
It doesn\'t look inappropriate in a chic hotel, and Sainsbury\'s ceramic vase is only 75 p, which is very attractive.
Simon Stevens, head of home design at Sainsbury, said: \"There is no reason to be out of date or compromise in style and design . \". \"Our in-
The house design team has organized four times to renovate your house without damaging the bank
Rich in purple and gold gives a feeling of luxury, a modern black and white look, teals and inky blues refresh your bathroom or bedroom, country green and chocolate snuggle downstairs.
\"Sainsbury\'s style-
The conscious design includes a velvet cushion in a warm berry color for £ 5. 99 each;
Snow Neil cast 14. 99;
Fluffy chenille mat, £ 8. 99;
Metal desk lamp in red or black tones, £ 14. 99;
And a tall metal vase for 4. 99. Black candle-
The holder with matching candles is only 3. 99. An eye-
It costs 9 to capture mango wood carvings. 99 -
The same price as four.
A pack of champagne flutes.
This fall, Tesco took inspiration from the fashion show and launched a striking purple vase of 4 to 10 each;
Tall glass vases of green, brown or purple crystal, 8 each;
And vintage ceramic vases and bowls.
Orange/green glaze (above right)for £6 to £8.
Its complex lighting range includes a full
£ 45 white desk lamp and desk lamp with round smokeGlass base, £ 50.
New accessories can refresh the room without changing the whole scheme.
Asda has stylish oval ceramic
Desk lamp in black or red, each 15, tall metal vase, each 7, three small ceramic vase 5 bags.
Cushion includes vintage
Fashion wave pattern for £ 4, cerise-
Color silk for £ 4 and black cushion for £ 6 with eye-catching gold flocking design.
The bed linen for the double duvet set starts at £ 10, and even a pair of leather chairs costs only £ 60.
If the price is very low, you can go to discount stores such as Matalan, where there are scallops
A framed mirror of £ 10;
Hammer metal bowl, 10;
Art Deco chenille cushion
Inspiration mode, £ 8.
A modern desk lamp with adjustable brackets and cream colors costs £ 20, while a patchwork bed cover costs £ 30.
The clever storage concept includes a 30-pound set of three wicker boxes and a pair of 20-pound storage boxes.
It\'s still rock-bottom prices -
2 plates each, 4-
4 mugs, 4-
A pack of wine cups cost £ 8.
Homesense is a value discount store that arrived in the UK earlier this year, with stores in Gloucester, Northampton and Manchester, offering a large amount of household items at very low prices.
Stocks in each store change regularly, so it\'s worth snapping up when you see bargains.
On the street, Marks & Spencer has a metal tear light for £ 15;
Silk mat for 9. 50;
5 cone vases;
The classic etched glass is 5 per plate and Ruby China starts at 5 per plate.
\"A trendy home doesn\'t need to break the bank-
Sally bendlow, head of home design at M & S, said: \"There are many ways to decorate your home on a budget without affecting quality and style . \".
\"Most of our mats are three, the price is two, and the furniture is three. to-
Go range has a basic item of £ 119 and is delivered to your door free of charge within two weeks.
\"It\'s worth a visit to Ikea if you want to change the sofa or armchair, Ikea\'s latest design includes Karlstad 2-
269 seats and 18 armchairs.
Meanwhile, Lillberg sofa
The price of the bed is very reasonable.
Matching sofa (two-seat, £120; three-seat, £165)
, Rocking chair, 85, armchair (left)
There are 50 in this range.
But if you want a modern, brightly colored restaurant or kitchen chair, go to the habitat center and check Wildi, 69, with purple or dark green plywood;
Zucco, 99, is wearing red nylon and Palocco, 129, is wearing clear red or amber polyester.
Back at Ikea, this 49-pound Majby rattan chair will be available on October along with the 65-pound traditional upholstered dining chair Henriksdal.
A new Ikea textile collection includes Jorun love, a bold floral curtain design for £ 45 for both
Pack and Jorun Stra are a Whirlpool design for £ 11. 99 for a two-pack.
The mat of the same series costs 4.
99 and 90 cm square carpet. 99.
It\'s also worth checking out the Argos furniture collection, which includes a mountain ball
Complete the coffee table for £ 19. 99, and three-shelf pine-
Complete the bookcase for £ 9. 99. Good-
A valuable table, such as a rectangular pine table or round glass with four matching chairs --
Four metal desktops
Chair with frame for £ 99. 99 per set.
As digital switching has started, now is a good time to check the Argos low
Price TV sets such as Mikomi 15in digital LCD TV, £ 129.
97, or Bush 15 in HD-
Digital LCD TV 169. 99. Digital set-
Adapt to the old set-top box
The price of analog TV is 16. 85.
As for kitchen appliances, Argos has a cordless kettle for £ 4.
92 items and 3 toaster. 94.
This is what I call a bargain.
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