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\'It\'s early morning all night long\': Halifax residents revolt over LED street lights

by:Grade     2020-04-01
Cities across Canada are using old street lights for more energy-efficient LED models and are facing an unsolvable problem: many people hate them.
Hillary Harris, Halifax bedroom, said: \"It feels like the whole night is early in the morning, when she puts a blanket in the cracks of the curtains to block the light from the new street lights outside.
Harris said the bright light kept her whole family awake at night.
Even her cat, Coco.
Her complaint was supported by research by the American Medical Association.
Last spring, AMA warned against the use of too blue or too white LED street lights, saying they can inhibit melatonin, affect our sleep and lead to obesity.
It suggests that cities choose lamps that emit more warm, white light like desk lamps.
\"I woke up at four in the morning. . .
\"In the flood of tears, because I woke up day and night, I felt very depressed,\" Harris said . \".
Many cities see a shift to LED street lights as an obstacle to the environment and financebrainer.
Although it\'s expensive to install, the new lights promise to last for decades and need maintenance
Free and much less expensive to burn.
They are also symbols of ecological civilization. awareness. But the trade-
It\'s not that easy to close.
LED street lights have been accused of stealing romance in Rome, destroying night-time film production in Los Angeles, leaving salmon on the Sacramento River lost their way, and keeping people like Harris awake everywhere.
Halifax is just a city in Canada that is installing lights that violate the AMA guidelines. Though the $47-
The million plan system there allows the lights to dim, and the feature does not solve the color of the lights.
Officials in Ottawa say they will continue to install their lights despite warnings from AMA, while earlier this year Montreal announced it would reconsider $100 --million plans.
\"It\'s a global problem and it\'s not easy to solve it,\" said Jim beña, lighting consultant . \".
\"Once you buy the system, you stick to it, and that\'s why it\'s at the heart of an important debate right now.
\"Davis, California, home to Benia.
This is a rare example where a strong public protest actually forces the city to change the new one too --
Hundreds of people reportedly lined up at city council meetings to fight them after white LED street lights and warm street lights.
\"People come out of wood products,\" Benya said . \".
\"Environmental Activists hate them.
Astronomers hate them, and many community members just hate losing the atmosphere.
\"Listen to the full clip at the top of this web post.
This part was made by Mary, a Halifax network producer.
Catherine Mackintosh
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